I Am Tea Party – I Am a Free Man!

Recently I came across this graphic which is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting:


The graphic speaks a simple truth to me. It is a reflection of the adversarial nature into which we have allowed our country to descend.

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Yes, there are other formally recognized parties in this country. To the best of my very limited knowledge, and with no intent to denigrate or minimize them, those other parties are more realistically described as "voting blocks" than they are major political parties. This is because the "rules of the regime" make it very difficult for them to be anything more than that.

For years now, I have always maintained that I am neither Democrat nor Republican; I am Tea Party. The blessing and the curse of the Tea Party is that it is not a recognized political "party," but represents a highly disparate and vaguely related groups of conservatives.

For years I have preached my gospel of "Unity" throughout the conservative community. Although I have always received words of encouragement and verbal support, I have always been fighting a headwind of "Me first." By that I mean that they are generally willing to support any effort that puts their agenda first and foremost.

I cannot support all of those different and deserving agendas as the "top" item on my list.

Instead, I choose to only support MY agenda first and foremost. And just what is my agenda?

It is long and complicated:

  • Restoration of our Constitution
  • Fiscal responsibility and stability
  • National security

My argument is simple: without a solid foundation no nation will survive.

It is our Constitution that has assured our ever eroding God given rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. Fiscal responsibility as a nation is what provides economic stability and the means by which we are able to "pursue happiness" - each unto his own. National Security is what frees our minds of uncertainty and raises our individual horizons into infinity.

I work with a broad spectrum of conservative organizations here in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond; none of which I am in total agreement with everything they have on their agendas. However, each one of these organizations have ALL of MY bullet list as part of their bullet lists.

As I move among, my friends in this widely diverse group of "Tea Party" and similar organizations, I continue to preach MY agenda and continue to encourage these groups to work with others in other groups who also share MY agenda.

The major down side of "belonging" to a "party," is that most organizations demand a lock-step adherence to the party line; stand in the ranks and do as you are told.

And that is why I "belong" to no party. I am Tea Party. I am a Free Man.

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