Whatever outcome is finally realized regarding the case of rancher Cliven Bundy, one fact has emerged that cannot be overlooked.  People from coast-to-coast, and border-to-border, are finally realizing that the government sworn to protect us may very well be our greatest enemy.  When one examines the Bundy case in greater detail, one does not find a racist, law-breaking rancher; but a man who has systematically lost all of his neighbors, and has decided that this is the hill that he is willing to die on.  I submit that most, who may read this, lack that kind of courage. Perhaps, I am mistaken.  Is this all part of a larger Agenda 21?  Yes, I absolutely believe so.

Cliven Bundy and his troubles are not new to those involved in the ranching community.  Intimidation and overwhelming force seem to be the rule, as opposed to the exception, and it has been that way, as Wayne Price illustrates, for 20 years now.  Cliven Bundy and Wayne Price, regardless of your personal views, need to be supported in light of Constitutional principles, and not in light of mainstream talking points.  Please support the work of Ken Ivory and Jennifer Fielder by visiting the American Lands Council Website.   They are both doing the heavy lifting when it comes to states getting back their lands back from the Federal Government.  Special thanks to the Ryan brothers for all of their assistance while I was in Nevada.


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