Syria, Obamacare & A State of Confusion

I am confused. That should not be a surprise to anyone because these are truly confusing times. But I am really confused this time; more so than my normal state of confusion. And my confusion seems to center around two of the several issues bouncing around in the lame-stream media; i.e. Syria and Obama-Care.

Having been raised by a mother, whose dream was for me to become a Baptist Minister, I was imbued with a very solid set of Christian and family values. Among those was the respect for all life. Yes, my years in combat put a different spin on that one issue, but not a lot since any life taken by me during that experience was done so to save my life and the lives of others.

So, my first wave of confusion hit with the unmitigated fiasco in Syria. We all recall the DSIC’s (Dip Stick in Charge, aka Barack Obama) now famous “Red Line In The Sand” speech that turned into a weak, yellow stream in the snow when the DSIC got very, cold feet; not because of any threats coming from outside this nation, but from the fear of the political backlash erupting from within this nation by We The People.

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Somebody, and I have no proof as to just who that was, used poison gas against a civilian population. The last casualty tally that I heard was in the neighborhood of about fourteen hundred people. Now I am not good with numbers – I can’t count to twenty one without embarrassing myself – but that number is only about ten percent of the total fatalities thus far in the Syrian uprising. As I have reported before, based on my combat experience…Dead is Dead; the manner of dying is immaterial to the one who is dead; leaving only those who remain to lament the loss. So if I understand our DSIC, killing more than a hundred thousand people by means other than poison gas is acceptable but killing less than ten percent of that number is not?

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I am confused.

While I was pondering that, I heard that some of the largest insurance carriers in this country are reducing the number of hospitals in their networks; thereby reducing their exposure. Think of it as plugging holes in a leaky boat. By plugging some of the holes, the boat will stay afloat just a bit longer. Personally, I avoid hospitals at all costs; possibly over exposure to our district hospital in Quang Tin province. But on the rare occasion when I have visited a local hospital, they never seemed to be lacking for business.  As this tightening continues to grow, fewer and fewer options for medical care will be available, and people will die. In one New England state, a full 30% of the hospitals are no longer in the network involved in the Unaffordable-Could-Care-Less Act.

People will need to travel more than a hundred miles to the nearest hospital, and people will die. And for those folks who are more than a hundred miles from a participating hospital, where does their 911 call get routed to? And People Will Die.

I ponder this: Is there really a big difference between a severe asthmatic attack or a heart attack, or a child’s fatal allergic attack and a military gas attack, if all of these result in the deaths of innocent civilians? Who among us will keep tally of how many American civilians die because of the DSIC’s political ambition of transforming America into another third world country? The lap-dog media most certainly will not.

And if “killing his own people” is justification for America to attack Syria, at what point in the tally of dead Americans as a result of Obama’s political agenda can we expect President Bashar al-Assad of Syria or Vladimir Putin of Russia to launch a missile attack against this nation?

Can it be more acceptable for an American president and his allies to kill their own citizens to support their anti-American agenda than for a Syrian president to kill his citizens to support his personal agenda?

I am confused.

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