Surviving on the Lie

 In secular terms, I am not the kind of guy who gets behind men; for men will always disappoint you.  I, instead, prefer to get behind ideas.  So, political labels mean little to me.  Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Left and Right.  All labels that conveniently allow politicians a fallback position when the battle of ideas gets beyond their intellect. They can always “blame the Left” or “blame Conservatives” if the questions begin to reveal just how inadequate they are as the people’s representative. It’s called deflection, and most politicians have mastered its craft. Divert attention away from ideas, and your responsibility, and focus it on a person “from the other side.”  These tactics, regardless of who perpetrates them, never succeeds in elevating the debate.  Again, I do not care for labels.  However, for clarification I will use them hereafter; because that’s the paradigm in which we currently operate.

In my opinion, when one finds themselves engaged in an intellectual debate of ideas, there are but a few logical conclusions to its outcome.  You can either present a better idea, you can admit that your opponent’s idea is better and concede, or you can attack your opponent’s character; a tactic that succeeds in taking the focus off of the idea completely.  For the Left, the choice of personal attacks seems to be, not the exception, but the rule. 

There is a website here in Montana that claims to be the number one political website in the state.  If you want to search for it, be my guest.  But, I am not going to link to it because I value your time more than that (I’m not kidding, do not waste your time).  The site is admittedly left leaning, and lives off of lies and personal attacks.  I have read some of their articles, and I have to say that I feel dumber because I have done so.  That being said, I support their right to free speech, even though I disagree with their content.  However, the thrust of this article is not about one website, but the overall spirit of lies and personal attacks that seems to be ubiquitous in those on the Left.  Moreover, why don’t the people who classify themselves as Left demand truth, instead of attacks, from those who claim to represent them?   

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In the arena of ideas, there are seemingly unlimited sources from which one can gather information.  Pick a topic, and you are bound to find a plethora of websites that either support, or oppose, your views.  To navigate these waters in search for truth, you need to have an open mind, and, above all, discernment.  For many on the Left, these two character traits seem to be woefully inadequate, even absent.  How often have you seen a piece of legislation proposed by a Conservative get decapitated because of a personal attack from the Left?  Too many times to list. 

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Allow me to pause here to say that I am not, although it may appear so, “carrying water” for the Right.  It’s just that those on the Left use personal attacks first, because they have no moral high-ground in which to base their arguments.  I submit that if the substance of most of the legislation proposed by those on the Left were actually revealed, the average person would reject it outright; and, that they cannot let happen.  That’s why Nancy Pelosi said that we need to pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it.  Do you think that the estimated 100 million people who will lose their health care would have supported Obamacare if they knew the truth?  I sure hope not.  But why don’t those on the Left demand that their leaders elevate the intellect of a topic, instead of tearing it down?  Do they collectively have such low self-esteem that they settle for lies and attacks?  Isn’t truth supposed to trump political ideology? 

I know people on the Left, and many of them are smart, accomplished and respected members of society.  My hope is that, sometime soon, they will begin to demand more from their leaders (that goes for those on the Right, as well). However, many of them place themselves in a box; one in which they seem hopelessly trapped.  If we look back to our predecessors, and their way of learning, we can gain valuable insight and raise the bar of intellectual debate for everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

In life, you will generally come across three types of people with which you will engage in conversation.  Some who talk about other people (gossip), some who talk about things (football, NASCAR) and some who talk about ideas (Liberty, Freedom).  My advice to you is to find someone in that last group and learn from them, you may just discover a different side of yourself.

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