New footage of a groping Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agent has been released, which shows Ty Spicha inappropriately fondling male passengers at the Denver International Airport (DIA).

The DIA refused for months to release the footage because of an ongoing investigation which was initiated by a passenger tip and resulted in the eventual firing of Spicha and other agent involved.

Spicha and his co-hort, Yasmin Shafi, would target passengers to molest, then Shafi "would tell the body scanner the passenger being screened was female so it detected an irregularity in the genital region. This allowed Spicha to conduct an unjustified pat-down of that area."

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Peter Neffenger, administrator for the TSA, told the press : "I think what it suggests is that occasionally you have some bad apples. What we do in the long run is train across the organization. Our core values to treat the public, the traveling public, with the dignity and the respect that you would want to be treated with yourself."

Another "bad apple" TSA agent named Maxie Oquendo is currently being charged with sexual abuse and harassment, after groping a 21-year-old female foreign exchange student in an "airport bathroom."

Oquendo claimed to be searching the victim for a gun.

What these incidents prove is that the body scanners are useless because not only do they read false positives via millimeter waves, but the agents using them can alter their efficiency in order to violate passengers under the guise of protecting against terrorism.

The scanners are notorious for misreading passenger's body and hair, resulting in false positives in the hair of African-American women and the crotches of passengers with slightly sagging pants.

Even perspiration has been identified by the body scanners as cause for further physical contact.


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