Students Suffer the Indignities of Tiny Aggressions

I hope, for my kids’ sakes, that we never encounter the strife that many others and I have been predicting is coming in this country. I guess I should qualify that statement by saying I should exempt my children (hopefully) and probably yours. They should be able to handle most anything short of a complete societal meltdown.

Whom I’m really speaking of are the kids in their late teens through their 20s who believe their lives are somehow more difficult and trying than any generation preceding them. Sure, every generation has thought that, but it seems this generation is the most fragile yet.

So fraught with psychological trauma that laws need to be enacted as a buffer against the realities of lifeā€”as feel-good, anti-bullying laws are supposed to do.

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There are many examples of young adults being brought up so sheltered, so coddled, that they are literally offended by everything that used to be just part of growing up.

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No longer are adults allowed to say, “Just suck it up,” or “get over it – it’s not the end of the world.”

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a new term pops up. The word is “microaggression.” What the heck is microaggression? Well, I didn’t know either, so I looked it up.

From BuzzFeed: “The term microaggression was used by Columbia professor Derald Sue to refer to ‘brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.’ Sue borrowed the term from psychiatrist Dr. Chester Pierce who coined the term in the ’70s.” Evidently, the term was originally derived from the word “micro-inequities,” coined by another pointy-headed MIT PhD in 1973. (You must link to the above Buzzfeed post. Seeing is believing!)

Now who’s surprised that it came from academia and not the real world? And now, the feel-good, pop psychology, blame everyone for your problems has resurfaced, and, worse yet, it’s being written into a union contract.

The College Fix reported: “The University of Washington’s ‘academic student employees’ are voting this week on whether hurting someone’s feeling should be ‘grievable’ under their unions contract with the school. If approved, it would be the first known university union contract in the country to protect teaching assistants, tutors, readers and similar student employees against ‘microaggressions’ in the workplace.”

You can’t make this stuff up folks! My first thought, or question, was, “Why do tutors, teaching assistants, etc. need to unionize?” But then, I thought, “Who cares, move on.”

If the contract is approved, “Union members would be able to file complaints about everyday exchanges – including words and actions – that denigrate or exclude individuals based on their membership in a group or class,” and “Recognizing microaggressions as grievable represents ‘the next level of discourse in this country around racism, sexism and homophobia,’ and will advance the cause of ‘a more inclusive campus for all academic student employees,’ a union spokeswoman said.”

One example cited of “microaggression” could be a simple exchange between two people, where one, probably an evil white person, asks another whether he or she is Chinese, when they are Vietnamese, or Korean, or whatever. That is, evidently, so insulting and aggressive that it would warrant a complaint to be filed.

Are you kidding? Sadly – no I am not. This is the mental state of a growing number of our youth that, in the future, won’t be able to cope with getting a flat tire or a waitress bringing them an order of pasta that is not gluten-free.

The worst part is that a great many of these pitiful, incapable college students will wind up as government bureaucrats crafting regulations the rest of us will be forced to abide by.

Maybe the Loretta Lynch Justice Department will start a microaggression task force in its civil rights division.

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