Stop the Data-Driven Transformation: Parents Be Warned!

Are you tired of just “sharing” information and documentation? Me, too. Let’s take action.

I am providing a list of legal concerns and a target for parents, grandparents, and citizens in a very common sense way. The following information targets the problems. It’s the data. It’s the collection of illegal data. It’s the state longitudinal data systems merging data. It’s the FERPA allowed access and re-disclosure of our children’s personal data. It’s data mining the personal data. It’s VAM on teachers that analyze teacher data. And guess what? The data is the weakest link in this entire scam of an agenda. Focus on the data and you can stop Common Core.

But, the most crucial component to this sinister government agenda is transforming your children towards global citizenry, or cleansing the American ethic. It’s the psychological abuse in the classroom. Social, Emotional, and Behavioral techniques (SEL) used in the classroom and legislated by Congress in the newly legislated ESSA (i.e., positive behavior intervention supports PBIS, student assistance or specialized support programs SAP, SSIS; multi-tiered and school wide systems of supports, MTSS, SWSS; early intervening services, EIS; and/or universal design for learning, UDL. See Child Find below.) This MUST be stopped. Just because it is law, is it legal and is it ethical?

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These are my ideas. It is a start to focus our energies. Tearing down the present system MUST be twofold:

1. Shut down the NCES/IES data warehouse that collects personally identifiable information on children and the state longitudinal data systems in each state.

The data collection is on the local level. If a local school board refuses to input data into their state longitudinal system, the data collection breaks down. If a local school board would refuse to use a unique national ID (digitized ID for each child) and only allow aggregate de-identified data to be released, the data collection breaks down. No more analysis, no more teacher VAM, no more inputting data to focus on individual interventions of kids… it’s the data. NCES AND IES would wither and die. The metallic beast no longer is being fed it’s daily meal of millions of data points.

2. Stop the psychobabble in the classroom.

Stopping the psychobabble may take a courtroom brawl. But, a Congressional Hearing on the abuses could expose the junk science used in the classrooms of America. CORRECT legislation to close the loopholes in FERPA and shut down Obama’s Executive Order 12866 is a good start for a new Trump Presidency, but we must send Mr. Trump the right information on “Choice” so he can avoid the plans for phony “choice” which threaten to eliminate true freedom of choice for American parents. This will be the topic of a future article. (NOTE: Hillary’s agenda is the current agenda. If you vote for Hillary, you will deny your children a future.)

Please read and share these ideas. Working together, we can make a difference.

Transforming America: Merging Education & ObamaCare Through Mental Health

Here are some facts you need to know about what is happening to your children:

1. Data Collection on children: Personally Identifiable Information, PII, is being collected on babies, children, and teachers, identified with a unique national ID, contracted by National Center of Education Statistics, NCES/IES, a massive national database. Obama’s Executive Order 12866 created state longitudinal data systems, gutting FERPA, Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, by redefining “school officials” collecting personal data on individuals. CommonCore identifies the children, transitioning them toward federal politically correct attitudes and values. Psychometric dossiers (demographic plus psychological profiles) in the longitudinal database began in 2007 for ages 21 years and under – now progressive national ID’s.

2. Data Mining of children: States release Personally Identifiable Information, PII, on your child to 3rd Party Contractors. State Departments of Education are able to enter into written agreements with businesses, foundations, higher ed., and other departments, because of loopholes in FERPA. Personally Identifiable Information, “womb to workforce” psychological data, including wages, are released to 3rd party contractors contracted by state Departments of Education to validate politically correct CommonCore curriculum, software, and phone apps. This data is merged with labor. The new federal education law, ESSA, legislates psychological data collection. Schools use health/mental health data to merge into Obamacare/Medicaid for under 21 years of age.

3. Treatment, Interventions, Psychological Abuse Cycle to children: CommonCore mandates collectivist/group attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions (“grit”) carried out through IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, (Special Ed) at schools – universally on ALL children. Title I (Fed funding) identifies ALL kids ages 0-21 as “At-Risk” needing mental health interventions. This agenda is called CHILD FIND. (PLEASE SEE THE LINK BELOW.) The NCES/IES database monitors and evaluates compliance. Total Quality Management (TQM) recycles students, standards, testing, interventions, curriculum, and teacher training towards the goals of CommonCore. Medicaid hospitalization licensed in schools fund this mental health agenda, formerly designed in HillaryCare. Funding and mandates bypass state’s rights forcing Medicaid to EXPAND ObamaCare. DSM psychological codes go on a child’s permanent record used for Medicaid billing identifying mental health issues. The 2nd and 10th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution are in peril. NOTE: Education records (FERPA, containing psychological data) are NOT covered under HIPAA, the health insurance privacy rule!

These three massive legal and controversial issues have resulted in:

Privacy Violations; Exchange and Re-Disclosure of Psychological Information mandated through ESSA (Fed Ed law) & FERPA removed privacy barriers. Data is the new currency. Children are the captive commodity. Conditioning interventions and techniques in ESSA federal law destroy our American ethic.

Civil Rights Violations of Freedom: Interventions/treatment, in profound violations; 1st Amendment protections and rights guarantees “right of conscience””, 4th Amendment “to be secure in their persons.”

Malpractice and Maltreatment Of Children and Babies by Teachers and Preschool Caregivers: Teachers/preschool caregivers are exceeding their professional certifications, required to screen and implement psychological remediation of the child’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Our captive children are at risk for injury to a minor.

  • Stop Common Core Psychological Child Abuse
  • Stop the DataMining
  • Shut Down the National Center of Education Statistics/Institute for Educational Research
  • Stop the Dumbing Down of America With Non-Academic Psychobabble
  • Stop the Violation of Constitutional Privacy Protections

Stopping the data flow to the federal government will stop most of the CommonCore data violations. Reversing Obama’s EO 12866 and shutting down the National Center for Ed Statistics and the Institute for Ed Research would STOP CommonCore. The psychological conditioning, privacy issues, and harm can be hindered. How? Through exposure, demanding truth in labeling, requiring written parental permission for experimental research, and the American public demanding a return to academics.

(Link for Representative Government Bypass: )

(Link for Child Find – )

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