Stop Badgering Our President

Journalists, pundits, political talking heads, Talk Radio hosts, et al have been asking, “Where is Obama? Where is the president? Shouldn’t he get his a** off the golf course, get back to the White House and lead – do what he was elected to do?”

We’re hearing it everywhere. Sean Hannity says to get off the golf course and get engaged – get in the situation room.

Mark Levin explains the way only he can: “This man should have been in the situation room with the press there, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with head of his national security team, with the director of the CIA. He should have been there with the president pro tem, and the Senate majority leader and the Republican leader. He should’ve been there with the Speaker of the House and the Democrat leader in the house. And he should’ve been there and made a statement – not from the friggin’ golf course! Mr. President – get your a** off the golf course, get the hell back into Washington DC, act like a president, or get the hell out!”

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Dispassionate as always, Mr. Levin.

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Washington Post columnist and liberal hack Dana Milbank wrote: “Obama was doggedly sticking with his plans to go on vacation – a decision that, if not in the category of stupid stuff, could fit under the heading of tone deafness…”

The conservative political class, angry over Obama’s appearance of apathy toward his job, spent the day tweeting a video of Obama before he ran for president saying, “If you seek the presidency, you have to be prepared to give your life to it.”

Even ultra hack New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd went off on Obama with her parity of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, writing: “FORE Score – and seven trillion rounds ago…”

Okay, you may say – we got the message – everyone from both the right and left is attacking the president for not doing his job. Well I’m here to defend our dear leader. I don’t think he should come back to Washington – ever!

Let’s think about what has happened since he took office – since he’s been in Washington – all the scandals, all the spying, the persecution of conservatives/Tea Party groups. He is drastically downsizing the military, taking the Navy from over 600 ships to around 300. We are much more vulnerable now than we were before Obama came to Washington.

We have Obamacare, thanks to the president residing in Washington.

If, after inauguration, he went right to the golf course or took the family on a permanent vacation, we’d be better off. Sure maybe it would cost a few billion dollars, but it would be money well spent and a lot less costly than has been afflicted on our country, or the world stage.

You know how, for years, Obama “apologists” have been saying, “If the president didn’t do ____________ (fill in the blank), imagine how much worse things would be.”

Well, that’s what I’m saying in defense of “The One.” Just imagine how much worse the country would be if Obama never took a vacation – or 20 – if he spent all his time in Washington busily working on “transformation policy” instead of playing golf or riding his bike while wearing his mom jeans.

Just imagine the additional destruction of the country if Obama actually did “give his life to the job.” We’d look like Haiti – after the earthquake.

So stop badgering the president to get back to work – for it could be much worse, if he really applied himself.

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