Steve Stockman: Margaret Thatcher Would Want Us To Fight & Crush Liberalism

Rep. Steve Stockman issued a press release yesterday in which he recounted the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher role in history. While mourning the loss, Stockman took time to compare her leadership to that of Barack Obama and believes that Thatcher would want America and the world to "fight on" and "fight to win" in order to crush liberalism.

"Like Barack Obama," Stockman began, "Baroness Thatcher inherited a country that was demoralized, economically broken and bankrupted by expansive government. Unlike Obama, Baroness Thatcher restored prosperity and optimism. Where Obama has failed, Baroness Thatcher succeeded. While Obama forges chains of dependency and government bloat, Baroness Thatcher took a sledgehammer to the machinery of liberalism. Baroness Thatcher's record of creating explosive economic growth and a stronger nation by embracing conservative values makes the utter failure of Obama's stale liberalism starker and more disturbing."

Recalling that she was the United Kingdom's first female Prime Minister, and aptly named the "Iron Lady," Stockman recalled how she led a nation out of economic misery and into a new age of strength and prosperity.

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"Baroness Thatcher created prosperity by rejecting politics of consensus demanded by her liberal opponents, which she derided as 'the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies," he added. "So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects.' She believed in one thing, the power of human freedom to improve lives, create prosperity and renew a nation's spirit."

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Stockman continued, "She is still hated by leftists who would rather live in equalized misery than allow people to achieve as much as they can work for, leftists who now hold the levers of government in the United States and hurl personal invectives because they cannot deny she left her countrymen stronger and more prosperous."

"While many mourn, Baroness Thatcher reminded us 'I fight on I fight to win,'" Stockman concluded. "The best way to honor Baroness Thatcher is to crush liberalism and sweep it into the dustbin of history."

He then asked, "What are you doing this morning to defeat liberal politicians?"

And I ask, what we are doing to defeat them, both in the Democrat Party and in the Republican Party?

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