State Run Media: Only Obama Can Save Us From “Gun Epidemic”

MSNBC host Toure, the open racists that declared during the 2012 election that GOP nominee Mitt Romney was engaging in the “niggerization” of Obama, came out with a monologue last week in which he listed the reasons why he thinks Democrats, and specifically Barack Obama, should come out in favor of sweeping new gun control measures. According to Toure, it’s time for Obama to deliver for the “suburban and urban voters who show up for Dems in droves.” Only Obama can “save us from the gun epidemic,” he said.

“We want to envision ourselves as a nation of vigilantes protecting ourselves with our guns,” Touré began. “But that’s not what’s happening. We’re an over-armed nation helping gun makers get richer by believing blatant lies that the government is plotting to take away our guns, and believing the myth that we’re protecting and not endangering ourselves.”

The effeminate, sissified Toure said that we are a nation “seduced by the NRA’s answer to the gun problem, is more guns.”

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He falsely claims we are a nation that “leads the world in mass killings” and while rightly claiming there is about one gun per person in our country, he then goes on to claim that those guns are “twenty-two times more likely to kill a friend or family member or the gun’s owner than to be use for self defense.”

What I find amazing is the outrageous lie that was put on screen after this statement. Toure actually claimed that the FBI/NCIPC reported that there are 200 justified self-defense homicides each year and that there are 30,000 gun deaths each year. While this is a blatant lie and not only a lie, but a big freaking lie, he does not provide us with a specific source and by that, what I mean is where he got the data. My article on the FBI’s numbers for fiscal year 2011 completely debunks his claims. Additionally, Ben Swann’s report which destroyed Piers Morgan’s gun arguments also blows Toure’s claims out of the water as well.

Speaking one day prior to vice president Joe Biden presenting his task force’s proposals to Obama, Toure said, “This is part of what could be the most crucial moment in the Obama administration – perhaps the most important legislation they’ll ever propose.”

However, he went on to tell even more lies. “Gun laws do work,” he blathered. “Studies have shown that firearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun legislation.

The claim is laughable as he appeals to the liberal leaning Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. He claims that his information is “strong.” Hardly. Again, taking and mixing the numbers of guns and gun violence is not an fair comparison, nor an honest comparison of the data. In fact, of the states he presents as having the strongest gun laws and the lowest gun deaths, they also fall into the category of having the highest violent crime rates in the nation. For goodness sakes, he lists New York, Illinois, California and New Jersey among these states! In other words he takes the Piers Morgan approach which has been shown to be a skewed view of the data.

Where gun laws are not strict, violent crime is far lower. I suggest Toure wake from his socialist sleep and actually do a report on Kennesaw, Georgia, one of the ten most family friendly places to live in the country with virtually no crime and mandatory gun laws (that means they mandate homeowners have a firearm). I understand liberals don’t want to be bothered by the fact, so I guess we’ll be waiting till Hell freezes over before that report comes from his lips.

So what is Toure’s proposal?

Ban assault weapons
Requiring trigger locks
Mandating safe storage in the home
Ban extended magazines
Universal background checks
Prosecute those that lie on background checks
Modernize gun tracing
Expand reports on people that have guns

Toure claims these work, but to what end? Banning semi-automatic weapons aids criminals, since they will be the only ones with them. Requiring trigger locks does the same thing. It makes it more difficult for the gun owner to use his weapons to defend himself. I mean, shouldn’t we apply that logic to police officers? According to Piers Morgan they could drop their gun and a kid pick it up and fire it and kill themselves. Perhaps we should have policemen put trigger locks on their firearms too. No one thinks of that though do they?

I don’t hear Toure calling for our military to use trigger locks. I don’t hear him demanding that they not have “assault rifles.” I don’t hear his rhetoric about “safe gun storage” for our troops. After all, a soldier could accidently shoot themselves or another soldier, right? See the ridiculousness of the argument?

Mandating safe storage? OK, here’s the thing, we should store our guns safely, but not render them useless if they are needed. A gun safe is a good idea, but if people are worried about kids and guns, then start training your kids early. Teach them gun safety. Show them what the weapon will do. Take the “curiosity” out of the “don’t touch this.” Trust me, in the majority of cases where kids have gotten hold of firearms and shot themselves or others, I’ll almost guarantee that the majority of the time the parents never shot the weapons with their children.

While Toure says the NRA wants us to believe that no legislation will help, He fraudulently claims that this is “counter-factual.” If you are wondering whether Toure is telling the truth in this regard, just look at the numbers. Second, pay attention to what he says following this statement.

No one obvious law could have stopped Adam Lanza, but we can make our world safer.”

The first portion of his statement tells the truth. No law will stop criminals with guns. Therefore, there is no need to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of those who abide by the law. Our world would be safer without morons like Toure flapping his jaws on something he obviously knows nothing about.

He calls those of us who believe in the Second Amendment to be “extremists” and says that we believe there will be a “slippery slope into gun confiscation.” Well, yeah. That’s the way it worked historically in England, Australia, and Germany, as well as, other nations. I suppose you think our Founding Fathers were extremists too and paranoid of a tyrannical government.

Thomas Jefferson said,

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

“Gun safety is no longer a clear loser for Democrats who have lost pro-gun rural voters and have nothing to show for it but a fear of gun control,” he continued. “The suburban and urban voters who show up for Dems in droves need the president to save us from the gun epidemic. We need him to fear nothing but fear itself.”

Toure also said that he hopes the “White House pushes to ban assault weapons and extended magazines, make background checks universal, and prosecute everyone who lies on a background check (which they aren’t prosecuting on anyway), and modernize gun tracing (sort of like they did in Fast and Furious?), and expand reporting on who has guns, study gun deaths and push for safe storage in the home, something that might have stopped Adam Lanza.

He finally asks, “If you’re not fighting to help people’s lives, then why are you in D.C.?”

Well, let me just respond to Toure’s assertions. Banning semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines didn’t help between 1994 and 2004. It won’t help now. Making background check universal is going well beyond the federal government’s authority as sales between those in the same state do not require the federal government’s authorization. Nothing crosses state lines. Therefore, the federal government has no authority in the matter.

Joe Biden has been clear on prosecution: they just don’t have the time to be bothered with prosecuting everyone that lies on a background check.

Tracing guns. Seriously? From an administration that watched as 2,500 firearms walked over the U.S./Mexican border with only two of them with tracking devices, one of which was homemade and they both had 40 hour battery lives. Yeah, I don’t think that is going to work well.

Expand reporting on who has guns? Is that so that people will know who has them so that they can lie in wait to steal them? How about expanded reports about those who don’t have guns? I think that will work better.

I agree that proper storage of guns, in the Lanza case, could have prevented him from using the weapons he did. However, unless the federal government is going to live in your house every minute of every day, I have no way of seeing how they will enforce those laws. I certainly don’t think I want the feds in my home, does Toure want them in his?

Toure and his socialist accomplices are fools. The are knee “jerk” reactionists who do not have the ability to think past their agenda and their agenda is treasonous to the U.S. Constitution. We the people must keep them in check by demanding that our representatives abide by the rule of law and the rule of law contains the Second Amendment. If they want to violate that and then try and enforce it, well then, as Dean Garrison wrote, they had better determine if they are willing to die enforcing those unlawful laws.

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