Stanford Professor: “Nobody Has The Right To Have 12 Children, Or Even 3”

Doomsday biologist, Stanford scholar and author of the book The Population Bomb Paul Ehrlich recently promoted the myth that “dangerous trends” concerning global climate change and overpopulation are threatening our extinction. In a January 9 article published by London’s Royal Society, he writes “Nobody… has the right to have 12 children or even three unless the second pregnancy is twins.”

Ehrlich says that studies should not be asking, “How can we possibly feed 9.6 billion people by 2050?” but rather should also be asking “how can we humanely lower birth rates far enough to reduce that number to 8.6?”

Considering that Ehrlich is continuing to push the mythical tale of climate change, which has already been exposed as a huge hoax and fraud, and the myth of overpopulation, one wonders if he can even be taken seriously about population reduction of a billion people.

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As a Christian and father of ten, I believe the Bible gives me a mandate (Genesis 1:28) and all men a mandate to take dominion over the earth and subdue it. I believe children are a blessing from God, not a problem that is to be “aborted” or “reduced.” Not only do I have the right, I have the duty to bring children into the world and provide for them, teaching them the ways of the Lord.

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Israel quietly worked the area of Goshen, minding their own business and growing in numbers peacefully, which the Pharaoh of Egypt perceived to be a threat against him. They had not risen in revolution, but the Pharaoh sought them out and made slaves of them simply because God had blessed them with children and their numbers grew (Exodus 1). He even put in place the idea of infanticide to keep the population from growing. Sound familiar to anyone you know?

Ehrlich believes it is understandings such as my own that contribute to the mythical “problem” he promotes. He writes,

To our minds, the fundamental cure, reducing the scale of the human enterprise (including the size of the population) to keep its aggregate consumption within the carrying capacity of Earth, is obvious but too much neglected or denied. There are great social and psychological barriers in growthmanic cultures to even considering it. This is especially true because of the ‘endarkenment’—a rapidly growing movement towards religious orthodoxies that reject enlightenment values such as freedom of thought, democracy, separation of church and state, and basing beliefs and actions on empirical evidence. They are manifest in dangerous trends such as climate denial, failure to act on the loss of biodiversity and opposition to condoms (for AIDS control) as well as other forms of contraception. If ever there was a time for evidence-based (as opposed to faith-based) risk reduction strategies, it is now.

I find his mischaracterizations of those that oppose condoms, contraception and “climate denial” to be rather insulting, especially since he ties it to “religious orthodoxies.” Additionally, he tries to say that we should follow “evidence-based” strategies for dealing with these issues, rather than “faith-based” as though faith based reasoning does not take into account evidence. Both the Christian and the agnostic or self-proclaimed atheist see the same evidence; so that is not an issue. The issue is their interpretation of the evidence. Ehrlich is a fearmonger because he does not believe what God has said and interprets the evidence in that light.

Kay Steiger at Raw Story quoted Ehrlich as saying, “Giving people the right to have as many people, as many children that they want is, I think, a bad idea.”

“Nobody, in my view, has the right to have 12 children or even three unless the second pregnancy is twins,” Ehrlich continued.

There is no demonstrable “population problem.” But to the Ehrlichs there is and their solution is to restrict population growth. The issue is not that the population of the world could not live in a very small area of the world with plenty of land for every living person. The issue is that we are watching the world’s economy collapse and with it will go food production and a basic civil society. Tie that in with the fact that countries like China are seeking deals with our government to trade debt for U.S. land to bring their people here to work. Then consider the plans of Agenda 21 as they are implemented, even though our Senate never ratified the treaty. These plans are being implemented at the local and state levels and reduce housing size and put in place various “green energy” plans.

When it comes to climate change, remember this was one of the many twisted themes Barack Obama spewed forth during his inaugural address. However, his own Press Secretary, Jay Carney, seemed to present a more “faith-based” (I use that phrase tongue in cheek here) approach to defending Obama’s claims, which are very similar to Erhlich’s. Carney said, “The president made clear that climate change is real. That is certainly the conviction held by most Americans, and certainly backed up by the vast majority of science.”

But what about the evidence Mr. Carney? Conviction does not muster evidence and Erhlich said that we need to go in that direction. Carney’s response was, “No specific storm or weather event can be tied to climate change, but the fact is we have seen more severe storms.”

Oh so we’ve seen more storms which means there is climate change. Hmmm, I’m not buying it.

“We have seen more severe weather events, droughts and fires,” Carney continued. “And as we are experiencing, and certainly the people of New Jersey and New York especially are experiencing, the impacts of those storms are devastating. The impacts of those events can be devastating. And, it’s all the more reason for us to act together.”

It appears that Erhlich and the Obama administration are in lock step with both of these agendas. Fortunately, these people are limiting themselves to only one or two children. This means they are not multiplying, but either dying off or just making sure they are replaced. Is there something to fear here? Ideas have consequences. Erhlich’s ideas do have consequences when they are believed and promoted by those in positions such as the President of the United States. We should be concerned and fight against any measures put forth based on the myths and shoddy science expressed by Paul Ehrlich.

In the end, these issues are really about two things: Money and Control. That’s it. That is all it is ever about.

The world faces greater dangers of tyranny and oppression than it does from the climate or the population. My suggestion would be to start dealing with out of control governments that endanger people’s freedom and ability to both live and adapt to life changes and fulfill their God given mandate rather than chase after the ghosts of climate change and overpopulation.

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