Spoiler Trump: a GOP Coup de Grace

A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” ― George R.R. Martin, “A Game of Thrones

In the MSM’s unrelenting criticism of President-elect Donald Trump (and his transition team), the term “bloodletting” is weirdly telling of their collectively deluded mind-set. The Washington Post misuses that precise word in relation to the unremarkable demotion of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (for the more experienced Mike Pence) and the departure of former congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI).

A couple of understandable personnel changes and The Post’s Wednesday front page radiates: ‘Key figures purged’? Likewise, the next day obviously aggrieved columnist Dana Milbank called Republicans “one big mess.” The avalanche of farcical and wrongheaded descriptions persist. Also on Thursday, his colleague Karen DeYoung petulantly complained of Trump’s “still empty” transition government offices. Newsflash to Ms. DeYoung and her fellow travelers in liberal la-la land: it’s only been eight days since Trump’s victory! (Is she secretly impatient for The Donald’s governance?)

In the postmortem of the 2016 presidential election, failed Democrats—and their still clueless sycophants in the press—are the ones actually bloodletting. Their pollsters repeatedly got everything wrong. Even “newspaper of record” The New York Times is losing money. Yet, the red meat in this scenario is the Democrats as wholesale political road kill. It’s a titanic trifecta: Crooked Hillary’s unrealized presidential prospects, an absolute repudiation of anti-American progressivism, and Barack Obama’s legacy is dead on arrival. While the ground quakes under lame duck Democrats’ feet, the mindless “squawking” cacophony of disillusioned ideologues masquerading as journalists resounds.

Hillary Clinton’s well-deserved defeat puts all insulated powerbrokers of the coddled beltway bubble ruling class on notice. Today, any establishment politician (read: RINOs) still “with her”—in word or deed—is not with We the People. Our will has been clearly voiced. Populist Donald Trump’s surprise election to the presidency makes this assessment factual. Therefore, his famous catchphrase from “The Apprentice” is apropos to Washington elites: “You’re fired.”

Similarly metaphorically pink-slipped are urbanite talking head prognosticators and the heedless Chicken Little MSM with their absurdist newspaper propaganda. The media’s baseless criticisms are dishonest exaggerations that deny the new political reality. Herein lies the problem: their deeply partisan “reporting” will consign them to irrelevant background noise. (Think of the teacher’s voice in “Peanuts” cartoons.) Mourning has indeed come to them, but a new dawn has come to America.

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