“Sounds Like You’re Anti-American,… Anti-Law – I’m the Master”: CT State Police to Gun Owner On How Gun Law Will Be Enforced

Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance became famous, or infamous depending on how you view things, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. I spoke with Lt. Vance last year to clear up a couple of questions surrounding Sandy Hook. During that conversation, Lt. Vance was a gentleman and answered all of my questions in a candid manner. However, with that said, a recent audio of a call indicates that he is more than willing to comply with laws that are against the Second Amendment, and is willing to send those in the lower ranks of the Connecticut State Police to enforce those laws.

Lt. Vance was phoned by Guerilla Media Network Producer, Guerilla Girl Ashley, and asked what the repercussions of refusing the state’s law regarding state residents registering their firearms or surrendering them.

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During the call, which lasted about seven minutes, there were numerous things that Lt. Vance said that truly make one shake their head.

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Ashley said that her husband received a letter in the mail indicating that since he had failed to register the so-called “assault weapons” (and I’m betting he doesn’t have such a thing) or his high capacity magazines that he would have to sell them, move them out of state, break them or surrender them to law enforcement. You can see the letter for yourself here.

“What happens if my husband decides not to do this?” Ashley asked.

Lt. Vance told her the question would be best addressed by a lawyer. However, Lt. Vance indicated that his understanding is that refusing to register those guns would be a felony, just as John Cinque indicated last year, when he stood against Republicans against the proposal of the new law.

Vance went on to say that he “didn’t know what would happen” to those that would not abide by the new law. He did indicate that the letter was put out to inform gun owners of what they needed to do in order to be “within the law.”

What I found curious was the fact that the state knew who had these weapons. Vance clearly indicates that they know this (2:10 mark). Consider that the ATF is not to retain information when you purchase a gun through a dealer. In fact, when you fill out the ATF form for a new gun purchase that is to be retained by the dealer on site. It is not sent into the ATF. Reports have been made that ATF officials have been illegally going into gun dealers and photocopying these forms and taking them from the premises. Granted, I’m not familiar with Connecticut laws. They may require one go through a background check and need a permit to even purchase a gun. My advice is to do private transactions and one of the best places for that is Armslist.com.

She then asks a pertinent question. “Isn’t this a slippery slope that will put the police in harm’s way?”

Vance indicated that he didn’t see that perspective and so Ashley points out that going door to door, if that is what enforcing the law comes down to, would not put policemen’s lives at risk. Of course, Lt. Vance said that police don’t look at things that way, but just want everyone to abide by the law. At this point, one should ask the question if police are allowed to have semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines, but I digress.

Lt. Vance was clear that until the State or the Supreme Court determined a law was unconstitutional, it was a lawful law. In other words, when asked if he took an oath to the Constitution, he would not acknowledge that, but rather put the issue back on the court system.

One thing I do agree with Lt. Vance on regarding this issue is that people should seek the advice of their attorney or their legislators, not the police. Asking the police about a matter like this is like asking and IRS official to help you with your taxes. It’s a bad idea.

One thing to note is that Vance said he did not want to speak about the Constitution, though he mistook Ashley’s reference to a “conversation” as “Constitution.” He wanted to stick to state law. However, considering that Connecticut’s state constitution clearly states in Article 1, Section 15:

Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.

It seems to me that if one has the right, and that was defined previously in the Declaration of Independence as an unalienable right from God, the Creator, then one does not need a permit to own a gun or to carry a gun. That would also imply that since it is a right given by God, not the State, then gun registration is just as intrusive. However, again, ask yourself why it is necessary to register a gun that the state already knows you have. It is to make you a criminal for simply exercising your rights.

With that in mind, Lt. Vance asked how he could help and when Ashley asked what the police would actually do to enforce the law, fearing for her family, Lt. Vance responded:

“Ma’am, it sounds like you’re anti-American, it sounds like you’re anti-law.”

Ashley took offense at Lt. Vance’s statement, which he seems to backtrack from when she calls him on it.

While Vance indicated that he would never come to her house, Ashley did point out that those in his ranks would, which he seemed to agree with.

When Ashley tried to point out that Lt. Vance is a public servant and that she paid his salary with taxes, Lt. Vance rightfully pointed out that he also pays taxes. However, he went on to state, “I’m the master, ma’am. I’m the master.”

To be fair, listen to the conversation. Lt. Vance was not attempting to be provocative, at least not in my opinion. However, what he said should cause every citizen of Connecticut that loves freedom and understands their state constitution and the Second Amendment to do just what Lt. Vance advised, and that is start talking to your attorneys and put the pressure on the tyrants in your legislature. As John Cinque rightly indicated to representatives last year, don’t vote any of these people back into office and unless someone is going to uphold your liberties and repeal such nonsense, inform that that you will not vote for them. Perhaps there should be some pressure to bear upon Lt. Vance as well to conform to both constitutions, rather than to unlawful laws.

My personal advice would be to see your local Sheriff. He’s the one that you want to depend on in this situation. He is an elected law enforcement officer, and we have been seeing the sheriffs across the United States taking a stand for the Second Amendment.

Already, Connecticut has told gun owners, who have not registered their guns or high capacity magazines, to surrender their firearms. Tens of thousands have said “No” to the order, and some patriots have issued a warning that they are armed, and “are familiar with the finer points of marksmanship.”

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