Tuesday night, President Donald Trump tried to reach across the aisle with his first State Of The Union address to members of Congress, the American people, and others around the world.

Trump pushed the message of unity and bipartisanship as the cameras rolled and millions tuned in.

Although his efforts to bring both political sides together were valiant, the Democrats wouldn't have it.

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With many phenomenal tributes to members of the military, loved ones lost to violent gang-related crimes, and many others, the left refused to show support.

As is every year during the SOTU address, the opposition party makes a political point by not standing for certain messages relayed by the president.

On Tuesday night, President Trump tried to end that norm.

Yet, the Democrats still made it a point to ignore the President's remarks on how this country is moving forward.

The worst of it was the Democratic response after the address.

Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) was chosen to deliver the Democratic response of the SOTU.

After a brief opening about his hometown and his constituents, he rushed to make points that continue to tear this nation apart.

"We see an economy that makes stocks soar, investor portfolios bulge, and corporate profits climb but fails to give workers their fair share of the reward," Kennedy III said.

He went on to add, "A government that struggles to keep itself open, Russia knee deep in our democracy..."

These quotes don't show the true reality of the matter.

With corporate revenues starting to climb, as he acknowledged, the workers are seeing their fair share. Hundreds of companies are giving their workers bonuses, raises, and investing more into the economy.

He made a point that Russia is "knee deep in our democracy," yet has no evidence to support that claim. Kennedy III somehow blamed Trump for "a government that struggles to keep itself open," yet the main reason the government was shut down in the first place was due to the Democrat's lack of ability to compromise on immigration reform.

As the President continues to move the country forward with new laws enacted, regulations slashed, and hope for the American people, we will sadly only see backlash from the left no matter how much the President tries to bring us together.

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