Something is Broken in the Gold and Silver Markets

Earlier today, I was speaking with Dave Kranzler, and we fell into a discussion regarding the current state of gold and silver. This is how I described everything to Dave as we talked:

Beginning in December, as Dave pointed out in Is The Global Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse?, something happened in the derivatives market, and I believe something broke and there has been an ongoing smoldering fire just under the surface. The criminals at the too-big-to-prosecute mafia organizations, formerly known as banks, have been doing their level best to keep the fire from coming to the surface. The desperate behavior by the Central Planners reeks of the unmistakable scent of fear. If you think the Wall Street criminals aren’t scared right now, then explain this:

I’ve never seen so many sophisticated Wall Street’ers this scared in my entire career. – This comment comes from a very well-connected Wall Street/DC insider and is in reference to how illiquid the bond markets have become – InvestmentResearchDynamics

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Subsequent to whatever it was that blew up behind the scenes in December, a smallish bank in Austria blew up and filed bankruptcy. Approximately two weeks later, a bank in Germany began having problems due to the derivatives associated with the Austrian bank.

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In April, we learn, by way of Mr. Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report, the gold and silver miners are beginning to have serious cash flow problems and output is slowing down. We also learned, from Mr. Jeff Brown​, when we interviewed him on Shadow of Truth, that China had been removing silver ore directly from the miners. We believe this was to supplement their solar program, which requires approximately 90% of the silver that China mines internally, leaving them virtually nothing to create silver bullion coins, medallions, silver bars, or ingots for investment purposes. We also learned that India is following the same line as China and has undertaken a massive solar energy program for their country. Currently, we do not have the information regarding how much silver India is pulling from the market, but we do know their silver bullion imports have exploded in 2015.

On July 5, the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, decided to hold a referendum and allow the people of Greece to decide if they wanted to stay in the EuroZone and continue using the Euro as their currency. The Syriza Party, of which Mr. Tsipras is a member, was elected with 35% majority, for the specific purpose of ending of austerity. As many people know, Greece has experienced enormous economic problems since joining the EuroZone and has taken on approximately $350 billion worth of debt from the IMF. The people of Greece voted, by a margin of 61% to 39%, to leave the EU and stop using the Euro. The Prime Minister responded by telling the Greek people, they would NOT be leaving the EuroZone and would, in fact, be taking on more debt from the IMF and continuing to use the Euro! The Greek’s responded accordingly and have been protesting, rioting, and participating in various other nasty things since this happened. I don’t blame them one bit.

The second week of July 2015 the US Mint sells completely out of American Silver Eagles. This was unannounced, no fore-warning was given at all. Usually, if supplies become tight, the Mint, in the past, has moved to allocated (read rationed) sales to the wholesalers. Not this time. The Mint opened their doors (figuratively) for business​, and before lunch, had announced they were sold out and promptly
closed their doors.

The following week, China announced, for the first time in five years, their current official gold holdings. The increase was greeted with little enthusiasm, as no one actually believed the amount announced. Most analysts believe the amount of gold held by China is much higher than they are willing to share with the world.

Then, a very curious thing happened. With all of the bullet points above as a back drop, four days after China made their announcement of current gold holdings, someone or something triggered a massive selloff of gold futures. 716,000 ounces of gold, approximately 3% of annual global gold mining production, was sold in approximately 1 minute’s time. WOW! Why would this happen at this time unless something was very, very wrong? China just announced they had increased their holdings, the global economy is in trouble, and someone decides that now is the opportune time to unload 3% of global gold in 1 minute. Does that make sense to you? Does that sound like the act of a desperate, trapped rat? It does to me. It seems like something else other than a derivatives event happened in December 2014​, which has broken in the gold and silver markets. It seems like something unprecedented is about to make a grand entrance. I am not 100% sure, but I know this: if you don’t have several months’ worth of cash, food, water, and security on hand, you had better make a move and you had better make it quick. Fall is coming and there have been way too many people saying that in the fall of 2015, something is going to change; the picture seems pretty clear


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