When it's finally nice enough here in New England, my sons and I are looking forward to hiking again. We'll go out for hours, sometimes all day, and traverse through forests, fields, hills, wherever. We always stop for lunch. Last year, I taught them how to make fire - no matches - no lighter.

Making fire is sometimes no easy task, yet I read online that it's evidently a snap in Great Britain. Just stand next to a British schoolhouse or Town Hall fitted with solar panels and wait for them to spontaneously combust.

You'll have all the fire you need as the roof is burning out of control. Just make sure you are up wind, lest you be asphyxiated by the thick black smoke and poisonous chemical fumes. Happy Earth Day!

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Breitbart London wrote on Tuesday: "A large fire occurred yesterday at Hove Town Hall by a faulty solar panel on the roof of the building. No one was hurt. Locals have been quick to take aim at the Green party with jibes over their record in office at Brighton and Hove city council, which owns the building."

George Dalmon, who was in the Hove Town Hall at the time of the fire, told the Brighton Argus that there was big black smoke billowing out—it looked quite major. Everyone had been evacuated out of the building. Somebody said something about it being a solar panel." The Green party is the dominant party in the town of Hove."

Another passerby said that, due to the thick black smoke, it must be "quite a substantial fire."

Evidently it's not just the hazard due to the blaze local firefighters were concerned with. Because the solar system runs on DC power, not AC, "parts of the system cannot be switched off, leading to a potentially very dangerous electrical hazard."

During daylight hours the panels may be producing between 400 – 1000 Volts DC and between 1 - 10 amps. More than sufficient to fry a fireman.

Added to that, the solar modules "are manufactured to include a number of potentially hazardous chemicals and materials which may be released as a side effect of the fire damage. Meanwhile in Brighton, locals mocked the irony of the Green Party's only Town hall being set alight by a solar panel just weeks before the next Council elections."

And this is not an isolated incident. In 2014, it was reported that three schools fitted with solar panels "mysteriously" caught fire, and that 92 others were told they needed safety upgrades. In 2014, 90 British schools and 27 businesses were left without the use of their "free" solar power, due to potentially hazardous panels.

Of the Hove Town Hall fire, one woman commented, "Didn't think the Green Party would take scorched earth policy quite that far." A local man who wishes to see the greenies go said, "Just typical of the greens. Probably created the most pollution over their tenure than any other party anywhere. Added to the fumes from congested traffic this makes for a perfect swansong for them as they exit Brighton once and for all."

It's nice to see that, other than the guys on Top Gear, not all of the UK are Green weenies. Yet, they have the same problem over there as we do here. Their political class has bought in, hook line and sinker, to the green agenda.

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