Societal Chaos and How the Power Elite Will Try to Gain Control

The undercurrent of societal rage is being stoked to create chaos

I was cruising the ‘Net the other day and came across a great interview/article featuring Ron Holland, who has written for Freedom Outpost in the past. I hope to see more articles from him in the future.

The gist of the article pointed out several facts that I believe are important for us to know and understand. The article is titled “Ron Holland on the Inevitability of Societal Chaos, How the Elites Will Try to Maintain Control – And How You Can Protect Your Wealth From Confiscation” and it was published at the Daily Bell.

Is the elite pushing America to chaos?
Is the elite pushing America to chaos?
I always appreciate a no-nonsense approach to the reality of the elite, who tend to control things from behind the scenes. Holland refers to the elite as the Power Elite, because they have gained power inordinately and have focused their efforts and that power on bringing down one nation after another. For America, that actually began in earnest with Woodrow Wilson, whose chief advisor was a known Marxist – Edward Mandell House.

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Because of House’s efforts, things like the 16th Amendment came into being, which created the graduated tax system, a Marxist idea. Also under Wilson, the Federal Reserve came into being in 1913, one year after Wilson took office as president.

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It’s difficult to believe that by the time I was born, the U.S. Constitution had already succumbed to this type of attack. The Federal Reserve took America’s currency out of the hands of Congress and put into it into the hands of bankers, most of whom were in Europe. Once this occurred, they could (and did) very easily begin manipulating the value of the dollar. They have never stopped that practice and now we have individuals like Ben Bernanke who have no real qualifications to be doing what he does, in control of America’s currency. Ben Franklin fought against a central bank for America until he died. Once that happened, others stepped in to make it happen.

Ron Holland believes that the “Anglosphere power elite has taken complete control of the US – of the entire West, as a matter of fact. Of course it’s always been that way to some extent.” These are people, mainly from Europe who, together with individuals like the Rockefellers and other ultra-wealthy and powerful Americans, have been working to defeat the national sovereignty of America as they have been doing with other countries. Ultimately, it’s for their benefit that they do so because of their ultimate goal.

These power elites envision a world where they will be able to practice their capitalism without fetters of sovereign boundaries, while the rest of the population works for them as serfs. Daniel Estulin refers to this as the creation of a one-world company, a company that is not bound by sovereign borders, but one that truly supersedes those national boundaries.

If we consider the origins and growth of America, we note that several individuals stand out as great entrepreneurs. Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller. People like Ford came a bit later. These industry-minded men had one thing on their minds: power. They used capitalism to gain it. Now that they have it (passed down through family lines), they aim to create a situation in which they will enjoy the fullest extent of what their power can create.

Holland also notes something that I have also thought about. The obviousness of their plan. It’s almost as if they don’t care anymore. They know that they cannot completely hide their actions so they simply choose to ignore things as if they don’t exist. Obama does this as well as many others on the left. Holland states, “It used to be that [the power elite] tried to hide [what they were doing] but the Internet has made that increasingly impossible as the [Daily Bell] often points out. So, it’s like they don’t care anymore. They’re pursuing their one-world vision no matter what. If you get in their way, they’ll try to run you over. And people resent it. Trouble for them is there are a lot more of us than them.”

It’s true. They think that if they simply ignore something, people will give up on it. The media also helps them a great deal there, but because of the Internet and the ability of people to search things out for themselves, we’ve come to rely less and less on the state-sponsored media for our news and information.

Holland speaks of the fact that the power elite uses several things to distract us from their purposes. One of the most advantageous (or at least, easiest) things to use is war now that the central bank is established, allowing them to control the economy. “It’s a combination of the economic downturn and the new communication technology. People see the amount of money being thrown around on bailouts and wars. It can’t be hidden anymore because it’s available for anyone with a computer.

“First they instituted central bank around the world and then they began to build their new world order, funding it by printing money-from-nothing. When the business cycle soured, they’d distract people with war. But again none of this is working so well now. It’s a fairly brutal and even obvious system once you understand it.”

Holland talked about a number of things, like how to prepare financially for the upcoming global shift (or take over, if you will). For more information, you can read the article in its entirety.

One of the things Holland also mentioned is the inevitability of social chaos and how our government appears to be leading us to that point. “Homeland Security has done to America what the military-industrial complex has done overseas – introduce a continued, destructive strain of authoritarianism to the larger populace. This can be carried out with bombs or body scanners. But the results are the same: repression, intimidation and growing chaos.”

The adage has always been out of chaos, order. If America blows up into societal chaos, then we expect more government control, which will bring about an enforced order, while eradicating our rights further, or eliminating them altogether.

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