Socialism for Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful time.  Traditionally it is a time of gift giving.  The historical model for this giving is the presentation of gifts to the Christ Child by the Three Wise Men who knew of His coming through the Scriptures and the heavens.

But what would you think if you learned that just before their famous arrival, the Magi had forcibly stolen the gifts they presented to Christ?

That changes things, doesn’t it?

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Regrettably, in today’s America, there is a growing acceptance of stealing the labor and the assets of others.  It is taught in the government schools and fostered in the news and social media as well.

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It’s called socialism and it is being packaged and presented to your children and grandchildren in schools as normal and acceptable.  Even worse, it is being sold to Christians as the Christian thing to do.

It isn’t.

Politicians are very practiced at making socialism sound good.

So are some professors.  So are some priests and pastors.

They make it sound like you are getting something for nothing.

You aren’t.

If you decide to freely give your own money or your own property to another, that is charitable and consistent with God’s Word.

On the other hand, if the government confiscates your property and gives it to another, that is tyranny.

Socialism is not American.  Socialism is the opposite of Christianity.

At Christmastime, let’s remember that true giving reflects the gracious nature of God, but stealing is sinfully wrong.

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