Social Work Education & Its Effects

I pursued an education in social work because I really believed I had an ability to help people overcome their problems. I still believe this, even though the university I attended will not let me graduate because of my conservative views. It’s the only real explanation even though they have many other excuses documented. They are virtually ignoring the letters I sent them asking for help in my internship, where incidentally I was in a very hostile environment and in fact witnessed some rampant corruption. Any person of integrity would have pulled me out as a student. I was called a chauvinist and I was told that I was not compassionate enough to work with children because I was a Marine. Seeing as though the field of social work is dominated by progressive liberals who are mostly women, and one of the main tenants of the program is white privilege, I faced severe scrutiny as a strong dominant white male. They truly believe the white privilege ideology so in their warped minds they do not have to do anything to ensure I am being treated fairly, because after all I am privileged. I would like to share my story with you.

My first semester as a social work major was at Northeastern University of Oklahoma. I had switched majors after earning a two year degree in psychology at a smaller college. This is the semester where I was introduced to multiculturalism, white privilege and heterosexual privilege. In fact I was told that the “A” paper I wrote expressing my disagreement with the white privilege ideology was grounds enough for them to suggest I am not fit for the field. In fact I was told explicitly that day that all social workers lean to the left and that this particular professor was the gate keeper. In other words she was telling me that conservatives were not allowed while simultaneously pushing the idea that as a white male I am the oppressor. (This is where I began to understand the term “Feminazi”.) Folks, this professor literally looked me in the eye and admitted that the whole program revolved around this concept of white privilege and if I couldn’t get on board I would have a very difficult time in the program. Boy she wasn’t lying neither. This same professor also suggested people’s families were racist for not voting for Obama. I appealed to the council of social work education on this issue and no one wanted to help me, this wouldn’t be the first time reaching out to them would prove to be a waste of time.

This is also the school where I was introduced to Saul Alinsky, well I already knew who he was but was shocked to see that I was being educated in his method of social activism. I was also told by my professor that I wasn’t supposed to know about Saul Alinsky. This was very frustrating for me because what I was essentially watching was the dumbing down of the current generation. They were being lied to about our country and told that they should become radical social activists. I want to mention a couple of the communist parties 45 declared goals from Cleon Skousens “The Naked Communist.”

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19) Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

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42) Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special interest groups should rise up and make a “united force” to solve economic, political, or social problems.

I think this is important to note because while at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma I witnessed faculty members and students help some shady fellows who just showed up to organize the “Occupy Tulsa” protest that was occurring at the time.

By the time graduation was approaching I had literally been told by one of my professors that I should shut up because this was not the place to be “critically thinking.” What happened in this time period is so shocking that almost two years later I am still not over it. Two students, in an apparent effort to act as if they were intimidated by me filed false complaints to student affairs believing it would get me kicked out. The emails were such blatant lies that the administrators in student affairs actually had to disregard them. The fact that my professor did not come to my defense is indicative that he wanted me gone as well. I have to say that the liberal game of taking offense to everything I say is something that never stopped, even after leaving NSU. Needless to say this is only a small portion of the story I have to tell at NSU but I think you will agree that this is shocking enough for now. All because I expressed a conservative view and wouldn’t admit to being a racist. Despite the adversity I faced at this University I graduated with honors. I think the liberals have learned that they can no longer discriminate successfully by grading papers based on their bias.

I now had a decision to make whether or not I should pursue my masters degree. I was actually very hesitant to do so having been told by other professionals that what I experienced at NSU would be the same on steroids at the University of Oklahoma. They offered a program called “advanced standing”; however that only took a year to complete, and there was an opportunity to do an intern scholarship of sorts at the local child welfare office so I figured under a wheezy gut that I should go for it. I should also note here that other social workers warned me of the rampant corruption at OKDHS child welfare.

Those other professionals were right, it was a horrible experience. I was called an A-hole and told my opinions were B.S. because I dared say that black people do not have to act white to be successful. That was the lesson folks. Black people should think of themselves as oppressed victims in order to find happiness in a society dominated by whites. I was ridiculed and harassed by a professor because I dared say I didn’t agree with the expanding welfare state mentality and for citing The Heritage Foundation on a paper because it was too “biased.” This particular professor also tried to tell me I wouldn’t be a good fit for social work but I stopped her and told her I had been through that already. She was nervous about how well I would get along in her Group Social Work class because I would be the only male. I was always the only male. To her surprise I demonstrated a great ability to lead group sessions; it didn’t matter though because I am still a conservative who doesn’t believe in white privilege you see.

Despite all of this everything was o.k. until the internship semester, otherwise known as the practicum. I was told by my supervisor that based on the opinions of “other social work professionals” which can only mean the professors, and because I was a Marine I would not be compassionate enough to work with children. That’s right; they were talking about me behind my back. I knew right then and there that I was not going to graduate but I drove ahead anyway. I brought up this concern to my proper leadership (if you can call them that) and for the next sixteen weeks I was inundated with 2 hour sessions where I was told constantly by radical feminists that how people perceived me was more important that the actual work I had the ability to do. I was constantly told that I was rude and unapproachable. It’s funny because never in my whole life, until becoming involved in social work had I been treated this way. I was so distracted and stressed out by this because I specifically told them I was concerned that they had already “prejudged” me for no reason. Well it’s because I won’t admit to being racist and expressing opinions against the expanding welfare state is uncompassionate.

For the first time in my five year academic career stress was affecting my grades, in fact in one of my pleas for help I told another professor this. That’s how bad this was. I sent letters to the faculty asking for help, no response, I sent letters to the Council of Social Work Education, no response. Not only did I endure this I also witnessed the unethical practice of children with mental disorders being placed in unapproved foster homes at OKDHS after they have been through a law suit for such unethical behavior. This practicum should have been stopped but they did nothing to help me. Now as I prepare to go to a review they pretend that I didn’t send these letters and that I didn’t ask for help and that they have no obligation to help at all. This is how the University of Oklahoma and Northeastern State University has treated a veteran with two honorable discharges simply because I choose to honor my oath to the nation and express my opinion that black people are just as capable as white people. You should check out this report at

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