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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, did you know the National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) sold out to the CCSS Machine a while back?

Did you know that they have a new program for parents? What CCSS Machine member group is funding it?
All that and more in today’s article.

The older National PTA researched articles and their topics:

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1) 2014, the National PTA’s involvement with the National School Social Work Association of America for behavior standards aligned to CCSS(*Note: in 2018, you’ll see these woven into SEL, social emotional learning.)

2) Early 2016, I showed you (via the NC Candidates running for State Superintendent) how the National PTA is tied to the CCSS Machine’s “Schools of Excellence”(*Note: in 2018, this will tie to not only the US Ed’s Blue Ribbon Schools, but those ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) whole school letter grades.)

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) Late 2016, the National PTA (and local PTOs, Parent Teacher Organizations) using family engagement incentives (coupons for rice) for digital badging and tracking. (*Note: this type of digital programs is increasing in 2018. Thanks to the CCSS Machine, ESSA, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and the UN (United Nations).

National PTA’s Newest Alignment:

To learn more about the National PTA/Facebook Grants, visit here.

WarriorsFacebook isn’t the only CCSS Machine partnerLifeLock is also offering grants to local PTAs for Safer Internet Day (2/5/19)(*Note: Safer Internet Day is a globally recognized event created by the European Commission. If you’d like to learn about the digital agenda behind this global festival, go here.)

Lifelock uses  ‘core data’ supported by ID Analytics.

ID Analytics is an arm of the Symantec Corporation (Norton Anti Virus is also part of Symantec)Symantec partners with Microsoft, Inc. (among others). 

Symantec also calls itself the “Global Leader in Next-Generation Cyber Security”. If you’d like to see all Symantec does in our schools (from early ed to higher ed), go here. (*Note: It’s important to stress that while groups like Symantec say they are protecting student data, let’s remember 2 things: a) these data miners are operating under a fully gutted version of FERPA (Family Education Rights to Privacy Act); b) all the ‘core data’ goes to cyber clouds where anyone from around the world can access your student’s data.)

Symantec also supports the EU’s (European Union’s) General Data Protection RegulationsWarriors, this matters because we know the student data ends up in the UNand OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Student data also goes to several other CCSS Machine member groups(*Note: ironically, I never saw any Symantec language stating just as clearly that our 4th Amendment rights or that our U.S. Civil Rights to freedom and privacy were upheld.)


One other interesting ‘tidbit’ about Symantec and education: software is donated and tied to STEMSTEM, as we know is the UN’s tool in education to align everything to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

To learn about the donations, visit here.

To learn about the Einstein Project, go here. To see the ‘excellent STEM’ Einstein offers, go here. Notice how the Microsoft Corporation is involved, too.

The National PTA and STEM:

Warriors, did you notice in the first PTA screen shot the heading for PTA and STEM?

Notice how bright and colorful the logo is? There’s a reason. STEM (as part of the UN’s SDGs) uses color psychology. (*Note: the links are about halfway through the article.)

To see the National PTA’s STEM Page, visit here.

Warriors, if you missed my “Under Our Noses” article, this would be a great place to do so. It’ll connect more dots between the UN’s STEM and our U.S. Congress in 2018.

If you’d like to see the National PTA grants for STEM families, read about that here.

(*Note: you should see Little Bits and Mathnasium among the grant providers. Both of these are accessible to private schools and homeschools, as well as more traditional schools. Both of these companies are CCSS Machine member groups. When you access the Little Bits article, look at how STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) have infiltrated churches, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts and more. When you access the Mathnasium information look at the technicality surrounding Common Core. Supposedly some States didn’t adopt it. Gee, Warriors, where have we heard that lie before?)

Other grant providers to the National PTA and STEM are the ThinkFun folks, yes, they too are CCSS Machine members. Bayer Corporation (a huge SDG supporter) through their Making Science Make Sense ProgramWarriors, while the facts remain about how awful this modern education reform is, it is truly ‘awesome’ when a CCSS Machine member group actually shows you the education reform agenda. Bayer has done that for us. In including this information, we can see the ties lead us back to the NSF (National Science Foundation) and the Smithsonian Institute (yes, even the Smithsonian has sold out.).You’ll also see the State chosen to begin the reform program in. Pennsylvania! You’ll also see the other States which are involved now.


2018 Partners for ASSET STEM include the Pittsburgh Penguins FoundationPPGChevron, and Westinghouse.

To learn about the current ASSET STEM Bayer project, visit here. Note how the PPG Corporation is fully funding STEM education. If you’d like to meet the Chief Ambassador for ASSET STEM, go here.

Warriors, the age range for Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense? K-20 (Kindergarten to college). Here’s an excerpt:
“Our company’s foundation in science, innovation and research, as well as our nation’s economic future and Bayer’s own global accomplishments, will rely heavily on a robust workforce pipeline of diverse STEM talent. Together with our Making Science Make Sense partners, Bayer is working to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and innovators. We strongly believe it is about making STEM education more accessible and less intimidating – to kids and adults. At Bayer, STEM education is vital to our ability to preserve human, animal and nutritional health in the future. By educating and engaging the youth of today in STEM through our Making Science Make Sense initiative, we ensure that Bayer will continue to benefit society in innovative new ways for generations to come.

Warriors, do you see the agenda in the excerpt? It is there, in plain sight. Contrast it with the overall STEM presence the National Science Foundation (along with the UN) has rammed down our throats. Notice, below, how humans are depicted. 


‘STEM education for a STEM people in a STEM nation for a STEM economy of STEM jobs.’ (paraphrased slightly from the Obama era PCAST report)


Warriors, I hope you’ll revolt against this total indoctrination happening in America. We are Americans, not STEMs. We are people with free will, not bodies to be conformed to the corporate masters. Expose the links between globalism and the PTA/PTOs. Let parents know they are willfully being lied to about STEM and the education reform. We should be lashing out against this overreaching agenda to save our children! We must risk it all to save our nation and our freedoms!

The massive data tracking the National PTA is involved in; how will that cause any type of trust between schools and families? What about the fact this group is supposed to be on your side in the War Vs the Core? How will children react to their parents and teachers when they learn their personal private information has been shared and sold without permission or consent? If you’ve not read my April 2018 article about how the UN uses data tracking to combine SEL and the ‘good citizen/bad citizen’ (Chinese social credit system as an example), then you’ll need to see how activities like the National PTA and the data partners play into this.

Dressing indoctrination up and passing it off as fun, is horrible. The thin veil? Oh, it’s all about the jobs and the economy, not your child’s academics and free will in life. Operating under a gutted privacy law is equally horrible. The data controls and tracks you.

What about a real PTA where they fight against the CCSS Machine, not bow down before it?

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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