Smart Meters Ain’t Nobody’s Business

First and foremost, please get it through your head that Climate Change is not caused by the energy you use to heat your house or the driving of your car. Climate Change is a natural state of the earth. Nor is there such a thing as Anthropologically caused Global Warming. Global Warming is a hoax. Since the insanity of the Obama Stimulus bill, I continue to be amazed at the propaganda of Climate Change agents and those who still cling to the stupidity of “Global Warming.” It’s as if the lies don’t know how to die and the liars can’t admit how stupid they are. If these were just stupid lies that could be ignored with little to no consequences, I could probably just laugh and go on about my simple and reasonable life. But the situation is much more dangerous than that. Actually, dangerous is too tame of a word to describe the insidiousness of what is going on with our nation in regards to “Climate Change,” “Global Warming,” “Sustainable Development,” “Smart Growth,” “Agenda 21,” and all attached insanity.

Global Warming and the subsequent ruse of Climate Change are a totalitarian’s dream. Convincing people there is not enough energy to serve humanity, while at the same time refusing to explore for and extract fossil fuels, is more of the totalitarian’s dream. Creating a crisis that does not exist, and then pretending to fix the crisis by taking away freedoms, is the totalitarian’s dream. It’s a dream made in hell for the world, but it is the totalitarian’s dream nonetheless.

In all of the discussion recently about our national budget deficits and the national debt, no one is focusing in on the oceans of money from our federal government flowing into forcing people to comply with supposed Climate Change initiatives, grants, regulations, and Obama’s energy starvation schemes. Is anyone asking why those things are not on the table for elimination? Billions, if not trillions, of federal dollars are being spent on Climate Change insanity and government controls over your personal life. All for the enrichment of GE, Google, Soro’s hedge funds, The Gorey Al, and whoever else is tapping into our tax dollars going to the totalitarian desire to control your life and mine. Truth be damned.

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I have tried to nail down the figures on the actual amount of federal money being spent on this insanity, but it is impossible to calculate the money already filtered through the various agencies, such as the EPA, DOT, HUD, Homeland Security, and others, plus the amount in the Stimulus Bill that is earmarked for “green” industries. I found one article that says the Stimulus in 2009 alone accounts for $91 billion. Another article from states the Stimulus Bill includes $100 billion. All well and good, but folks, this does not include all the money doled out by the federal government under the misleading heading of “Sustainable Development” over the last two decades and ongoing today. Add to that, more billions (apparently another $19 billion – see below) in the so called Recovery Act for the same purposes. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot begin to put actual accounting figures together to show the extent of the problem. Suffice it to say that the United States has been economically raped for the purpose of controlling every move you make, not to mention property rights being taken away by these programs. A totalitarian who can figure out how to steal your money to take away all of your freedoms is a totalitarian beyond anything we’ve ever seen. The fact that there are many of them operating in our government is our worst nightmare. But, I digress.

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I’ve also heard about infrared, thermal imaging, cameras about to be implemented in the city of Boston in order to monitor energy losses in personal homes. The ACLU jumped on it with a lawsuit, citing privacy rights. The argument from the totalitarian would be, “Gee, what matters your personal privacy when you are killing the planet with your nasty emissions?”

“Boston officials had hoped to have aerial and street-level photos taken across about four square miles of the city this winter using infrared cameras that would show heat loss in the city homes.”

Smart Grids are popping up all over the states. Energy companies, all to eager to comply with the EPA and other federal agencies, are looking to rake in billions from higher energy costs to the consumer for less energy usage. I suppose the poor will be subsidized for their cooperation.

“First, keep in mind that this change over has been financed by the federal government via the Porkulus Bill. Progress Energy, which provides for the energy needs in Florida and the Carolinas, writes about their change over, “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law in February 2009 contains provisions promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, including $11 billion for Smart Grid-related technologies, $6.3 billion for energy-efficiency and conservation grants and $2 billion in tax credits for the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles.”

Then there are the energy police.

Let’s not forget the RFID chips in our trash cans. According to our local city mayor and council, recycling is money loser for the city. But onward soldiers, we’re going to do it anyway, complete with RFID chips and fines. (Just like Cleveland and Charlotte and a lot of other cities.)

“Government snooping on your trash apparently meets the definition of “economic stimulus” in 2010. Perhaps this is what Barack Obama meant when he talked about creating “green jobs”. Local governments are going to need a lot of “trash snoopers” to make certain that we are all recycling acceptably.”

Fox News reported on Trash Police saying, “But the new equipment and bins cost $2.5 million, so it will take about 15 years to recoup the costs of deploying the technology.”

New buildings, those being constructed, are being built under codes to enhance the “green energy” industry. Just as your choice of toilet and light bulbs went away, your choice of construction materials and heating and air systems is no longer in your hands. Play the government game and you get tax breaks. In fact, cities are being redesigned and reconstructed to comply with Smart Growth designs using high density and high speed rail in order to limit land use by private ownership and restrict car traffic. Soon your garage, assuming you are allowed to have one, will be forced to have the electric charger brought to you by GE.

All of the above for the sake of lies from global control freaks who have figured out a way to get rich off of taxpayers. Hey, Global Warming / Climate Change guys…the next time you feel generous and want to make some totalitarian rich, could you leave me out of it? Do what you want with your money. Throw all the money you want at GE, Google, Soros, Al Gore, Obama, and the rest to restrict and impoverish your own life. But could you leave me the freedom to decide how to use my own money and land? Nah, I guess that is asking to much from misguided people with misplaced guilt based on totalitarians’ lies.

Other sources below:
Truth About Global Warming from Global
CO2 attributed to man is minuscule, about 6 to 7 Gigatons/yr, into an atmospheric GHG reservoir estimated between 720 and 760 Gigatons. Yet we are told it is the major driver of climate and must be eliminated to save the earth. ” Great information on this site.

In case you think I’m kidding, here is a website for you:

“Energy efficiency is the fastest, safest and cheapest method currently available for cutting carbon emissions. … Fighting global warming doesn’t have to derail the economy, or even slow it much. … The right combination of saving energy and investing in new forms will pay dividends for the world.”

OH, Goody…Here is the Infrared Training Institute

Smart Meter Rebellion – PG&E
“Skyrocketing bills, off-the-charts energy usage, the complaints just keep flooding in following a CBS 5 investigation into Pacific Gas & Electric’s rollout of their new Smart Meters in the Bay Area.”

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