Skynet Rising: Google Acquires 512-qubit Quantum Computer; NSA Surveillance to be turned over to AI Machines

For those of us who may not recognize the reference to “Skynet,” it is the artificial intelligence nemesis behind the “Terminator” series of movies.

Natural News reports:

According to an article published in Scientific American, Google and NASA have now teamed up to purchase a 512-qubit quantum computer from D-Wave. The computer is called “D-Wave Two” because it’s the second generation of the system. The first system was a 128-qubit computer. Gen two is now a 512-qubit computer.

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This does not mean the gen two system is merely four times more powerful than the gen one system. Thanks to the nature of qubits, it’s actually 2 to the power of 384 times more powerful (2384) than the gen one system. In other words, it out-computes the first D-Wave computer by a factor so large that you can’t even imagine it in your human brain.

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According to Google and NASA, this computer will be tasked with research in the realm of “machine learning” — i.e. machines learning how to think for themselves. It’s not just speech recognition, vision recognition and teaching robotic Humvees with .50-caliber machine guns how to stalk and shoot “enemy combatants” on the streets of America, either: it’s teaching machines how to learn and think for themselves.

Using your human brain, think for a moment about where such technology is most likely to be applied by a government that respects no human rights, no law and no limits on its power.

If you guessed “analyzing NSA surveillance data,” give yourself ten bonus points.

When I got started in the computer business (1970), a single transistor was the size of my thumb nail and today that same size would hold a million times that many transistors.

I have worked for some of the companies on the “bleeding edge” of technology over the years and have been involved in the design and implementation of some of the very early Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

For the geeks among us (guilty as charged), I strongly recommend that you see the rather lengthy (28 minutes) interview with D-Wave Chief Scientist Eric Ladizinsky.

I am no conspiracy theorist, but I am a lifelong student of the human condition and it does not take a genius to extrapolate certain trends to a handful of potential realities.

For those of us who not inclined to join the flock of sheep into the pens for future slaughter allow me to state a few obvious facts.

Successful resistance is dependent entirely on C-Cube; i.e. Cooperation, Coordination, and Communications.

The Achilles Heel in this formula is the communications link.

Let me step back in history a moment and let’s look at the evolution of “modern communications”; i.e. the cell phone. In its infancy, the modern cell phone resembled in size, format and underlying technology the WW-II combat radio phones. The underlying communications link was the old fashioned AM/FM analog radio signal.

Unknown to mere mortals, as the “cell phone” technology first began to evolve, there was a mad rush – almost a panic – to replace the analog infrastructure with a digital infrastructure.

Why the rush? Simply put the analog communications required human resources to monitor and analyze whereas digital communications could be monitored by computers and the content could be analyzed by computers via “expert systems” and other related technologies that have all been slid under the umbrella of “Artificial Intelligence”. My father specialized in the area of communications intelligence for twenty years in the military and I followed for over a decade before I switched to the civilian side of the effort where I worked in some of the areas with some of the companies that Eric Ladizinsky speaks about.

Can We The People circumvent such overwhelming observations by our government?

Simply put: Yes.

If we employ any commercially available encryption tools for our written communications (emails etc.), it will protect us from the neighbors, and competitors peering eyes but will not even slow down the power at the disposal of our government.

I have installed a neat little tool called Ghostery on all my browsers. I use different browsers for different reasons and I NEVER use MicroSoft anything. I also use “Start Page” to do 99% of my web searches. I have commented on both of these tools in previous posts.

What is interesting is that recently using the two tools cited Ghostery has intercepted numerous re-directs whenever I attempt to research certain technologies that are frowned upon by folks who have no way of combating it.

Keep in mind that the government mandated GPS chips be installed in every cell phone for a reason and those some of those GPS chips cannot be turned off so long as there is a battery in the device. Put the battery back in and PRESTO… you are instantly visible again.

Keep in mind that every credit card transaction is recorded in several places; i.e. point of sale, vendor’s parent accounting department, the credit card company, etc. etc.

My wife is from another very old country and therefore, has old world attitudes about many things. Other than consumables, i.e. food, gas, etc. we stick with cash transactions.

And keep in mind that if you are buying – even with cash – at the “club stores”, i.e. Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. what you buy becomes an element of traceability.

The hypothetical tools available for the formation of and sustaining of a hypothetically viable resistance should only be shared on a person-to-person basis with an abundance of caution when speaking to folks you do not know well.

And that boys and girls, concludes my thoughts for this (finally!) sunny Las Vegas morning.

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