Skunk & Donkey Theater Accomplished Goal

It’s over and done.  Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, followed by Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  As you might expect, I started watching the proceedings;  however, had to stop because my brain could not process the supposed “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” never asking questions than built on one another to get the “story.”  And, this supposed “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” did not re-ask questions some time later to see if the answers were the same.  This same “prosecutor” did not ask Ford to construct her story beginning at various points and going backwards or forwards.

These are critical to determine validity, credibility and reliability of memory.  It’s also how you can catch misstatements, embellishments and falsehoods.  Moreover, one doesn’t ask questions that lead the witness either victim or alleged accused.

The blood pressure couldn’t take it nor could the “little terrorizer of the cat” understand why mommy was yelling at the TV.  It didn’t get any better when it came to the dimwit Democrats questioning Kavanaugh.  And, the mere passing mention by Republicans of the two men who claimed it could have been them Ford was referencing, not Kavanaugh and Judge, was not enough squeeze to the mustard.

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He is a better person than I because it would have taken about two seconds for me to tell those crooked, corrupt, lawless, haters of this republic and her people to stick it where the sun don’t shine and take an aerial intercourse at a motivating pastry.  All in all, Kavanaugh conducted himself as well or better than anyone facing these false allegations.

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But, what are the American people left to conclude?  That is going to depend on several factors:  your political party;  your ability to critically think;  your self-subscribed group identity;  your respect for the law and the Constitution;  and, your perception of the “skunk and Donkey” theater aired on television yesterday or your processing of the media coverage afterward.

First, when a woman claims she has been sexually assaulted, she does deserve to be believed.   That doesn’t mean that you believe her when she names an assailant, just that some traumatic crime was committed against her.  Ford’s claim has not held to the standard of what would be considered felony sexual assault.  No witness she named could corroborate her story nor the individual she identified as allegedly committing the offense.  In fact, the witnesses she named corroborated Kavanaugh’s.  A polygraph test means zip – it’s not admissible in any court of law.

I kept asking myself, “Where is Perry Mason or Ben Matlock when you need them?”  Despite these proceedings being a “confirmation” hearing, a job interview if you will, both sides were attempting to turn this into some kind of “court” engaged in a “jury” hearing to determine guilt or innocence of an accused.

The American people were treated to nothing more than an “all day ticket” movie event one could purchase on cable or satellite TV.  Unfortunately, this was not a Hollyweird movie production but an actual working government process – well, it was a government process, not that it was working very well.

But, if you are a “line” Democrat, have zero critical thinking skills or left those on the train, are a #MeToo movement feminazi, care nothing about the law or Constitution, and perceive the televised “hearing” yesterday as thorough, you would conclude that Ford was vindicated, Kavanaugh guilty, Republicans were obstructers of justice, and Democrats the champion of all that is good in this world.  Why else would Alyssa Milano be sitting where she was, using her phone and camera against the chamber rules, and be right where the camera would frame her during the entirety?  It was by design.  Her face revealed everything – sympathy for Ford, disdain for Kavanaugh. (Each time I glimpsed at the proceedings, which my Dad watched all day, her face was everywhere to be seen.)

If you are a “line” Republican, have critical thinking skills, are not a #MeToo movement feminazi, respect and honor the law and the Constitution, and perceive the televised proceedings yesterday as inconclusive or a waste, you would conclude that Ford was mistaken, Kavanaugh not guilty, Democrats as demons and using both parties as political fodder against the president, and Republicans as inept in their countering the Democrats.  This is no surprise.  As these “line” party supporters go, it is how things are expected to go.

What if you are not a Republican, a Democrat or a feminazi?  What if you are a Republican and a feminazi;  a Democrat and not a feminazi;  or, neither Republican or Democrat and a #MeToo movement supporter and feminazi?  This is where the rubber meets the road – it’s in the number of people who do not fit into the established political mold.  These are the independents, the Constitutionalists, the Socialists (not subscribed Democrat Socialists), the libertarians, and others.

All of this was nothing more than an attempt to divide the people even more along the “established” party lines for votes in the midterm elections.  If one’s mind was not made up before, this was intended to do so.  For many who see this for what it is, there is nothing but disgust and embarrassment being experienced over the purely political theater this ended up being.

Kavanaugh is not a staunch constitutionalist, nor is he a flaming anti-constitutionalist.  But, he is not radical, fringe or extreme enough for the Democrats in both chambers of Congress;  and, the Democrats hate Trump.  RINOs have issue with Kavanaugh because they are closet Democrats.  “Never Trump” Republicans would have issue with whomever Trump nominated just because they don’t like Trump.  Republicans are okay with “middle of the road”, which should not be the case, because they are trying to get along with Democrats.  No statesman should want any individual who is not totally committed to the protection, defense, and upholding of the Constitution.  And, no one should go along to get along.  But, there are no statesmen in either chamber of Congress.

Let’s put it this way.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine and James Madison would not be acceptable to either Democrats or Republicans today regardless of who nominated any of these individuals for a Supreme Court Justice position.  These men knew the Constitution and its meaning and intent.  They certainly would not let the charlatan politicians holding office today get away with cheap tactics.

Kavanaugh is a good man regardless of his middle of the road take on the Constitution.  Unfortunately, his only crime was being nominated for a Supreme Court Justice position by Donald Trump.  If Kavanaugh is confirmed, his entire tenure as a Supreme Court Justice will be tainted, either with impeachment or recusal requests flying out of the woodwork on many cases that could come before the Supreme Court.  If Kavanaugh is not confirmed, the reputation of a good man, an innocent man, has been marred by being tried, convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion based on politics and zero evidence presented in a “mock” court.

In conclusion, Ford will more than likely get a book deal, leading to numerous TV appearances, a Hollyweird movie with Alyssa Milano vying for the role of the traumatized Ford, and secure a lucrative new financial direction as some type of motivational speaker.  Kavanaugh and his family will suffer the consequences of having endured public humiliation over the false allegations against him, with his facing difficulty working in his chosen career ever again.  So, who is the real victim here?  Feel free to provide your answers in the comment section.

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