Should Anyone Be Shocked By Obama’s $1.6 Trillion Tax Hike?

In recent negotiations, President Obama laid out $1.6 Trillion in tax hikes.  Boehner and others were astonished at such a high number and Fox reported it as if Obama was playing vindictive politics.  In reality this should have been anything but surprising.  Had they been paying attention, they would have known that this was coming.  These cuts in certain deductions and other means of raising taxes across the board were clearly outlined in the President’s proposed 2013 budget.  The budget had very little support when it was introduced and seemed to be dead until recently.

The funny thing is, just as the Washington Post reported, it was never really brought up in the campaign.  Why was that?  Why did the Romney campaign not point out that Obama did not want just an $800 trillion tax increase, but one twice that.  It seems very strange that while the President was traveling the country calling for “Class Warfare,” his counterpart was saying nothing about the fact that this was just half of what was coming.  I mean I have heard of confidence, but that is ridiculous.  Did we learn nothing about Obama with the Obamacare fight?  What we should have learned is that the man is worse than a pit bull when he sets his mind to something.

Obama should have been expected to come back to his original plan once reelected.  This is his normal mode of operation.  Yet, the GOP, Mitt, and Fox failed to inform the country of the original plan.  This is where the human factor comes in.  I know that I sound as if this oversight was one that could be called intentional.  This could not be further from the truth.  You can bet that if any of the three and many others would have seen the opportunity to nail the President with this they would have taken it.  Rather, it is as with most people, I think they were just hoping that this would not be the situation they would find themselves in.

What I mean is twofold.  They first and foremost thought that there was no chance that this lame duck President would ever have a chance of winning.  This was a fair assumption.  He had one of the lowest approval ratings in history, the economy is stagnant, and we are still in a war he said he would end.  There was no doubt back in the summer when this budget was proposed that it would not go anywhere, as it would be the last straw to a dying economy.  So once it died the GOP and everyone else buried it and focused on what Obama was saying to the people.  They attacked what he said, not what he had done.  They apparently did not think that they needed to, because they felt sure that they would be in control come November.

Second, they did not think that Obama would return to the failed budget.  They thought that since he was not mentioning the other $800 Trillion in tax hikes that he would not be pushing them.  The GOP thought that they would be able to come in and give the figure the President had during the campaign and things would go smoothly.  This was not the case and now they are in a situation, in which, they cannot easily get out of this hard spot with this budget.  They will take their lumps regardless of what they give or where they stand.  Fox seems to hope that the American people will recognize that this is the Presidents fault, but that is unlikely.

Just as we have seen the many times that the President and Congress have been at an impasse, the Congress most times takes the greater beating.  We should also note that this will end with a victory for the White House.  The GOP will be willing at the eleventh hour to broker a deal where they do all the compromising in return for promises with no details.  The President will promise cuts that will never materialize and the GOP will be, once again, holding the bag.

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