Shots Fired at Ferguson Liquor Market after Fake News CNN Broadcasts Highly Edited Michael Brown CCTV Footage

CNN, the real Fake News network, despite the libelous claims of a no name Harvard fake professor who failed to name them as fake news while declaring a plethora of conservative websites as “fake news,” has been promoting a documentary titled “Stranger Fruit,” a lop-sided video that uses heavily edited video from Michael Brown‘s visit to the Ferguson Liquor Market the night before he was shot and killed.  Following the promotion of the video, shots were fired at the market, leading many to believe that CNN is twisting the story, as they often have, in order to cite insurrection.

First, consider the video aired on CNN.

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Now, listen as director Jason Pollock claims that police lied about Michael Brown, and Mike Brown, Sr. backs him up.

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The Conservative Treehouse breaks down the video and the comment and calls them “false” based on grand jury testimony.  By the way, the grand jury saw the video, too.

“The claims made by Jason Pollock are false,” writes Sundance.  ” The Ferguson Liquor Mart CCTV video was well known, not hidden, shown to the Grand Jury in 2014 and provided to the FBI.”

Sundance then recites earlier research from December 2014.

Strange Coincidence – Between 1:16am CCTV and Dorian Johnson’s 7:00am “Meet-Up” With Mike Brown…

Grand Jury evidence shows that Mike Brown was one of a group of three people who went to the Ferguson Liquor Market at 1:13am on the same day as the shooting. The Grand Jury saw CCTV evidence of his visit approximately 10 hours before the cigarillo robbery at the same locale – this would have been overnight between Friday 8/8 and Saturday 8/9/14.


(page 172)

Additionally, according to robbery cohort Dorian Johnson’s somewhat sketchy grand jury testimony, he and Mike Brown met up at 7:00am outside the apartment where Mike Brown was staying. Dorian’s testimony is “sketchy” for several reasons, not the least of which is the time between 7:00am and the robbery at 11:50am is essentially unaccounted for and unreconciled – despite his testimony.


dorian page 25

(Page 26)

COMMON SENSE – On its surface the claim of unemployed Dorian Johnson, and his friend Mike Brown, both getting up that early on a Saturday morning just strikes as defying common sense for obvious reasons.

Assuming Mike Brown went directly home from the Liquor Mart empty handed, and went to bed, he would only have around 4 hours of sleep before meeting up with Dorian.

However, if going to bed were the objective, common sense would tell you he wouldn’t be at a liquor store trying to buy booze at 1:15am. A more probable explanation is a group of young guys hanging out and partying.

Either Mike Brown only got a few hours of sleep, OR he never went to bed that Friday night and stayed up with friends.

Considering an unlikely early wake-up for Dorian, the possibility exists that perhaps Dorian was one of those “friends” who was with Mike Brown at the liquor store, and stayed up all night.

Following the airing of these clowns the heavily edited video, Ferguson attorney’s claim the full video would be released on Monday.

This was in response to shots that were fired at the Ferguson Liquor Market on Sunday night.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the the “fake” video put out by Pollock and aired by CNN was the catalyst for both a protest at the market and shots fired, as well as several injuries.

Word of the new video drew a group of protesters that grew to about 100 Sunday night. Eventually the market closed, and police cleared the parking lot.

Shortly before midnight, 7 or 8 shots were heard from an area across the street from the market. There appeared to be no injuries. Someone stuffed a rag in the gas tank of a police car, but the damage was minor.

Henry L. Stokes, 45, of the 1500 block of Haviland Drive of Bellefontaine Neighbors, was charged with felony counts of attempting to cause catastrophe and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $25,000.

During the protest, police say Stokes stuffed a napkin in the gas tank opening of a St. Louis County police car and tried to ignite it with a cigarette lighter.

A Ferguson police officer suffered a broken nose when a woman punched him in the face as he tried to make an arrest, police said.

Could it be that CNN, who has knowingly produced fake and staged news, could now be involved in inciting crime and insurrection?  Why, yes!  Yes, I do believe that could very well be what they are doing.

Project Veritas has released hundreds of hours of behind the scenes footage at CNN demonstrating they are nothing more than a propaganda outlet for Socialists and Communists.  Furthermore, a federal judge has ruled that they have engaged in reckless reporting “with malice” and has allowed a $30 million lawsuit brought by a former hospital CEO to move forward.

I’d say CNN is in its death throes at this moment and this will only hasten their demise.  Good riddance!

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