Shot Dead for the Crime of Jogging While White

They told us blacks would be hunted and gunned down by whites, but jogging while white may be harmful to your health. Coincidence?

When will the Congressional hearings begin?

A few days ago, 22-year-old Australian Christopher Lane, was gunned down, shot to death in the back by three individuals who were bored and said they simply wanted to kill someone. The three –  James Francis Edwards, 15, Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and Michael Dewayne Jones, 17 – are black and Lane was white. Originally, it was reported that only two of the young men were black and the third was white, but that was likely due to the lightness of his skin color. All have been charged as adults.

Three young men take the life of a white man jogging
Three young men take the life of a white man jogging
Of course, several things have happened since the senseless killing. We’ve heard crickets from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other professional race-baiters. We’ve also heard from Australian politicians who blame the lack of more gun control on the fact that a citizen of Australia was gunned down like this.

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Unfortunately, I’ve come to expect both in situations like this. Sharpton and Jackson (as well as others like them) diligently refuse to say anything about instances like this, though we know that if three whites had gunned down a black, we would never heard the end of it.

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According to one news report, the 15-year-old laughed as he was arrested. His father proclaimed his son’s innocence even though he admitted that his son was present. When asked how he could say his son was innocent, he responded that “He didn’t pull the trigger, number one. He was just…there.”

The reality is that because he was there, he was, at the very least, an accessory to the crime unless of course, he can prove that he was there against his will. In reality, it appears that three young men who were completely bored and had absolutely no regard for the value of life, opted to drive around their town of 24,000 people to find someone to murder. They found their mark in Christopher Lane.

The DailyKos found a way to fire an attempted preemptive salvo regarding racism.

“The three teenagers are black, and the victim was white.  And given the reaction we’ve seen from right-wingers to the response to the George Zimmerman trial, and then President Obama’s impromptu press conference about race in America, there’s a good chance they’re going to jump on this story to justify every single damn racist bone in their body.”

Absolutely amazing. During the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation, the media and race-baiters couldn’t do enough to invoke racism as the chief cause of Martin being shot. We were also told repeatedly after Zimmerman was acquitted that whites would use that as an excuse to grab a gun and murder a black person.

I haven’t seen any of that. In fact, the only people I’ve seen antagonizing the situation are racist blacks and leftist whites. Yet, three blacks can blow away one white man and The Daily Kos would have us believe that it has nothing to do with race (they were just “bored”) and we dare not turn this into a racial tragedy. Only leftists can think like that. Only leftists believe that blacks cannot be racist. Yet we’re supposed to take them seriously. I don’t think so.

Another person posted the following: “In this case, the 16-year-old’s mother is white so he’s biracial. The 17-year-old appears to be white and the police chief has said one of the kids is white and two are black.”

The above is absolutely nothing except a leftist trying to prove that he’s not racist by being racist. It does not matter if his mother was white. The only thing that matters is how the young man sees himself. Mr. Obama has a white mother, yet it is clear that he identifies with the black culture. No one would accuse Mr. Obama of being biracial if he sees himself as part of the African-American culture, would they? Of course not, yet for racists on the left, it’s perfectly fine to define one of the young men by his parents, rather than how he sees himself.

The media and the left did the very same thing with George Zimmerman, in an attempt to paint him as racist. They pointed to his “white” mother then as well in an effort to support the racist contention that a white person had gunned down an innocent black. Now, the same leftists are at it again, attempting to use race to indemnify the perpetrators. Never mind that Zimmerman was/is a Democrat and voted for Mr. Obama. Never mind that Zimmerman sees himself as Hispanic. None of that matters to the bean counters on the left because they have an agenda to advance and that’s all that matters to them.

Of course, the other problem here is the misconception created by people who don’t know the law. One poster at The Daily Kos stated the following:

“That’s what these jerks dished out to him — because they were bored.

  • Old enough to drive.
  • Old enough to have a firearm.
  • Old enough to decide to chase somebody down to kill.
  • Old enough, by a long damn shot, to know better and chose differently.

“So how are they not old enough to face the consequences?”

The problem of course, is with their second point. The individuals were not old enough to legally possess a handgun. They could not have legally gone into a gun store and purchased one. Yet, they had one. How did they obtain one? No one knows at this point, but while people from Australia are complaining about our “gun laws” that allow young people like these three to have handguns, the truth is that our laws do not allow them to possess or own handguns. No background check would have kept these three young men from obtaining or having a weapon in their possession since they simply were not old enough to legally purchase one anyway.

Again, facts do not matter to those on the left because they have their emotional virtue made possible by politically correct thinking. That’s all they care about. They are quick to pounce on anyone who does not agree with their rationale.

Like the gays who verbally assaulted a black man sitting outside a Chick-Fil-A reading his Bible, those on the left do not like it and cannot handle it when their skewed worldview is seen for what it is – unbalanced and untrue.

The three young men who decided that they were bored with nothing to do decided that taking another human being’s life was the order of the day. Talk about stalking, hunting, and chasing down your target! This was not even close to the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation. This was – for all practical purposes – a true instance of three young men choosing to hunt for a random target for the sole purpose of doing a thrill kill.

The Daily Kos wants to argue about the racial composition of those three young men involved. I want to know where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in this. I want to hear from Mr. Obama. Which one of those young men (including the victim) could have been your son, Mr. Obama? Nothing to say, huh?

These three young men took the life of a young, promising, athletic white male. Was it based on race? Who knows? According to the perpetrators, they were bored and wanted to kill someone for the thrill of it. According to the police chief, they may have killed an animal prior to this crime and were also planning on committing other murders.

Why haven’t we heard from Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest about this heinous crime? Obviously, it is because the victim was white and the perpetrators are black (or shades thereof). I’ve had people tell me that Sharpton cares about all people, regardless of race. There’s not enough evidence to convict him of that in a court of law. The opposite is more likely true.

In spite of concerns that since Trayvon Martin’s killing, whites would be looking for any excuse to gun down innocent blacks, it appears that not only is this not the case, but the opposite is true. Antonio Santiago was allegedly killed by two blacks (though the shooter is now saying the mother did it, while the accomplice is saying the shooter did it). Now we have Christopher Lane gunned down.

Since 2011, Colin Flaherty has been writing about black on white crime, but we never hear Sharpton talk about that either. What’s it going to take for people to realize that it has become the norm in certain segments of society for blacks to gang up on whites to harm or kill them? These incidents rarely make national news. When they do, the race of the perpetrators is rarely mentioned.

Something needs to give. Maybe it will. Maybe whites will start retaliating. How much would you like to bet that when that happens, the media and the race-baiters will spin it into unbridled white racism toward people of color? Just wait.

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