Shocking Revelation: Former Police Chief Kessler Admits to Working For Feds to Flush Out 2nd Amendment Supporters

I was warned by a mutual acquaintance long ago that former Police Chief Mark Kessler could not be trusted. But, even so, I could not have imagined that Chief Mark Kessler was working for the federal government.

Any 2nd Amendment supporter will know and remember Mark Kessler by his videos. He is a no-holds barred and highly controversial figure, consistently calling out the left and leaving no doubt about where he stands on issues of the second amendment.

Profanity Warning!!!

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Videos like the above eventually cost Chief Kessler his job.

David Simpson reported for CNN in September of 2013:

Mark Kessler, the small-town Pennsylvania police chief who posted videos of himself firing automatic weapons while cursing about gun control, has been given a termination notice.

The borough council of Gilberton, population 750, voted 6-1 to fire him at a meeting Thursday night, said council chairman Daniel J. Malloy.

And so Chief Mark Kessler seemed to vanish into the night, likely to be unheard from again.

That is, until now.

In a Fox News Radio interview with Alan Colmes, Mark Kessler admits that he was working on behalf of the government to flush out 2nd Amendment supporters. Though he does not say which agency or agencies he was working for, he makes it clear that he was working for the federal government.

I was sent out for, well I can’t really say exactly who but, I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate, whatever I can do to find out who’s who and what’s what among these groups. When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups.


Below is a video and partial transcript, courtesy of our friends at Birther Report:



KESSLER: I signed up with those agencies, several different agencies and began an operation where I was just a magnet. I was sent out there to attract the worst of the worst and frankly it worked.

COLMES: You were sent out by whom?

KESSLER: I was sent out for, well I can’t really say exactly who but, I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate, whatever I can do to find out who’s who and what’s what among these groups. When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups.

KESSLER: They were put out by me and they were put out by the people that I worked for at the time.

COLMES: Were you not working for the police department of Gilberton, PA?

KESSLER: No I wasn’t

COLMES: Were you working for the federal government?

KESSLER: Yes, I can’t say what agency.

KESSLER: I couldn’t tell anybody. I just couldn’t, it was complete deniability. I could not say a word to anyone about the operation. So again it was bigger than me. I’d seen an opportunity to advance my law enforcement career, and there was no way I was going to turn it down.

COLMES: Is this the first time you revealed this?

KESSLER: Yes absolutely, yep

COLMES: Were you promised a job by somebody in the federal government to do this?

KESSLER: No, it was volunteer work.

COLMES: What was in it for you?

KESSLER: I got to save a lot of lives, I can tell you that.

KESSLER: I’m happy to say that we took down several plotted attacks that didn’t go through, we took down a group in Georgia. We took down a group in Texas.

COLMES: Can you name any of the groups you took down?

KESSLER: The Triple X Minutemen is one group.

COLMES: Who are they?

KESSLER: They are from the Georgia area, and they were planning to blow up a federal building.

COLMES: Any other groups you can cite that you took down?

KESSLER: We took some lone wolves down in Texas that were militia guys, I should’t say militia, they were wanna be terrorists.

To be fair, Kessler claims that he was working with the government to bring down terrorist elements and there is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of second amendment supporters do not fit that profile, however…

Allow me to remind our readers that Cliven Bundy supporters were unfairly labeled as terrorists.

Mark Kessler is just the latest reminder that we cannot trust any high-profile individual who claims to be on the side of liberty.

As I noted earlier this week, the government is all about gathering data of dissidents. When we follow high-profile figures, comment on their statuses, sign their petitions, and volunteer our identities to them, we might also be volunteering that same information to the federal government.

That information can and will be used against us at a later time. We can count on it.

In the end we can only trust ourselves.

Be careful out there.


Editor’s Note: When Mark Kessler came on the scene we supported his efforts to train local police departments to train the people they served in their own cities. However, we never had any evidence that Kessler was involved in any of the things he has now come out in the open and stated that he was involved in. Freedom Outpost strongly supports all arms rights of the individual and supports government protecting those rights, with nor restrictions or regulations on law abiding citizens and arms. Mr. Kessler is a traitor to the United States, not a hero.

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