Attorney General Eric Holder escalated his attack on Sheriff Joe Arpaio by filing a "notice of intent to file civil action" over the Arizona county's handling of illegal aliens.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been claiming that Arpaio's officers have been racially profiling people and wanted to put their own monitor inside the sheriff's office so that any decision made by the sheriff would have to be cleared by them.

Not only has Arpaio denied the allegations of profiling but he has also said "No" to the DOJ's usurpation of his authority.

Sheriff Joe knows stands his ground based upon his jurisdiction, the law and the office he holds. He says that DOJ's bullying is politics and has told them to "prove it" if they believe that they have evidence of their allegations.

Interestingly, as the DOJ was notifying Arpaio of its planned action, he was releasing his own report, documenting exactly how his office has handled the very issues the DOJ claims are a problem.

While the bullying of the DOJ has been going on since at least December when it released a report with the allegations in it about Arpaio's office racially profiling, many critics, who believe the federal government is overstepping its bounds, believe that this intimidation has more to do with Arpaio's investigation of Barack Obama's documentation than it does with the the allegations of racial profiling.

The formal notification was dispatched by Assistant U. S. Attorney General Thomas Perez.

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