Sheep, Donkeys, & Dupes – Moving Toward Extortion

It’s been said that people possess a herd mentality. If some admired person makes a testimonial supporting some product or another, it is supposed to inspire other people to go out and buy that product. Advertising has used this endorsement marketing scheme forever.

It evidently has a proven track record. Joe Namath endorsed shaving cream, and then every red-blooded male in the country went running to the store to buy Namath’s brand of shaving cream. (“Take it off!” “Take it all off!”) In this way, someone leads another person into an action voluntarily, albeit through influence of celebrity

Somehow, along the way, over the last several decades, the American people have been inundated with the psychological pull of this celebrity endorsement method. But the United States government has gone way beyond this idea of leading through endorsements. Having decided that Americans are all sheep responding to the herd direction, the U.S. government decided to turn Americans into another animal; hybrid sheep-donkeys…part sheep, part donkey. Let me explain.

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We’ve seen another ploy in the advertising world also, where someone is dangling a carrot in front of the target customer, i.e. donkey, to make them buy something. Coupon shopping is one simple example. Donkeys cut out coupons every week from their newspapers and head straight to the grocers to get their carrots; a dollar off this or .50 cents off that. Customers (donkeys) are spending their extra time and energy to grab the carrots dangled in front of them. The United States government is observant of this activity and now decides, “Hey, those donkeys like carrots, so we’ll give them some.” The government wants an action? The government creates a carrot. The government wants a lot of people to desire the carrot? The government creates a celebrity to endorse the carrot. The government creates a sheep-donkey. This new hybrid is someone who wants to do what everyone else is doing, but also wants a carrot for the effort.

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Now common sense would expect that people would not follow the herd for carrots unless the action benefits them. So, let’s continue on with the next step of psychological behavioral science and say we want the sheep-donkeys to want a carrot that is really a rotten turnip. First you have to convince a lot of sheep-donkeys that the rotten turnip is good for them. It doesn’t taste good. It gives them indigestion. It may make them deathly sick. It may be a slow death, not immediately apparent. But the rotten turnip photographs nicely and has a slick ad campaign to make it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. The sheep-donkeys all look toward the celebrity endorsement and want to be just like that fellow. The rotten turnip still looks pretty good, is said to fix everything wrong in the world, and after all, scientists are saying this is the elixir from the Gods and will be good for all. Buying into the ad campaign for health, well-being, redemption and salvation, now the sheep-donkeys become dupes. Sheep-donkey-dupes. Or SDD’s for short. Carrots are no longer carrots. Celebrities are now civil servants. And the dangling desired object will make you sick.

So what is a government to do? Once the celebrity has worn off and the carrot is exposed as a rotten turnip, the government has one more tool in its toolbox. Extortion. Here is where celebrity has failed and the carrot is exposed as a rotten turnip, but the government still wants what it wants and will not be denied.

The government sends the salesmen out to sell the rotten turnips to the sheep-donkey-dupes. Some of the SDD’s are still buying into the rotten turnips, but some have seen the tragic consequences of eating the rotten turnips and refuse to buy them anymore. Some sheep-donkey-dupes have even decided to become critical thinking humans again. These former SDD’s have to be ridiculed and disenfranchised as renegade radicals.

In steps the extortion team with bags of money and threats. “Here is the program, SDD’s.” “You will buy these rotten turnips or else!” “Or else you will be shunned, re-educated, or in debtors prison.”

And so it goes today with our government selling rotten turnips to the remaining sheep-donkey-dupes.

Government salesmen have sold Agenda 21 to local communities just this way. The Smart Growth policies are sold by extortion. Sustainable Development now equals stars…like those little gold sticky stars your elementary school teacher put on your homework. If you don’t adopt the policies sold by the Federal government, you will be cut off at the knees, never receive loan financing again, and be shut out from all government programs. The block grants for the needy in your community just dried up. The transportation spending you were counting on just disappeared into thin air, actually only offered now for bike lanes and walking trails. The damage assessment team will be descending upon your schools like locusts to make sure your children turn into good little sheep-donkey-dupes,too. The “star” designation for your city went somewhere else unless you straighten up and fly right.

So, we have come a long way with our Federal government “progress.” It used to be a little voluntary cooperation here and there. Then it became encouraged cooperation through endorsements by either the likes of Al Gore or civil servants, now even Coca-Cola. Next came the fake government agenda, the regions, the stakeholders, the corporate shills. Want to bet Coca-cola gets gold stars and tax breaks for donations to the World Wildlife Fund? Never mind the bet. We know they are. Bet you didn’t get a tax break today.

In your city, town, or county, the extortion game is being played out. Your community is being told, by regional governance boards, bureaucrats, and planners from the American Planning Association, that if you want Federal money, fame, recognition, and status, your community better cough up property rights, matching grant monies, less energy usage, give up cars, and put everyone into a concrete jungle with boundaries far away from anything that may be considered “sprawl.” (That means 1 acre lots or suburban living, by the way.)

Sheep-donkey-dupes are all to happy to sell out your rights using your money to get their carrots…I mean rotten turnips. Wise up out there….a carrot is not what you think it is. And those sheep-donkey-dupes don’t care about your freedoms or rights.

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