Shameful: The Elderly In America Are Considered Useless To The Younger

And even when I am old and gray, O God, do not forsake me, Until I declare Thy strength to this generation, Thy power to all who are to come.  Psalm 71:18

In our nation, we have a tremendous disregard for the aged population.  Once upon a time, not in a fairy tale, but in the real foundations of our nation, the elderly in America were looked upon as wise, experienced, and to be Godly mentors for the younger.  Once upon a time, we cared for our elderly family members, and put great stock and reverence in their wise counsel.  Once upon a time, we grieved their loss, not only as someone to which we were related, but as a great loss of contribution to the younger.

In today’s culture, “old folks” are really not viewed with anything to contribute to our lives.  So much so, that in our culture, “old folks” are classified at quite young ages depending on how young the one doing the classifying is. Teenagers are rarely encouraged to seek out history, and to listen and take in stories and experiences from the older in their lives.

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With our lives full of technology, and replacement relationships such as Facebook, young people don’t have to go outside their comfort zone. Young women are focused on advanced education for self, rather than hands-on life education that can bless others in the home. Marxist government will inevitably implement death panels within Obamacare, for the “useless drains on society” that the elderly in America are viewed as.

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They will still yield fruit in old age; They shall be full of sap and very green. Psalm 92:14

This lack of regard and respect for those who have gone before us, both young men and young ladies have few real life living role models to look to for guidance.  The younger generations have replaced real-life American heroes of history and within their own family and friends, with Hollywood leftists and radical revolutionaries of whom they know nothing about.  The “simple folk,” that have the potential to lead and mentor the younger to a place of responsibility and morality are disregarded and ignored.

The problem is two-fold in our own society.  One, the godly and remarkably ingenious and industrious elderly who can mentor are being replaced themselves with the first fruits of the entitlement and feminist generation.  So, godly mentors are becoming more rare as we follow our lineage of the break from morality and foundational truth in our nation, to the acceptance of progressive principles.  The second problem is that those who will heed their sage and truth-filled advice are fewer and fewer as the “me generation” views history as something to re-write and mock.

With grandmothers being the first true “feminist generation,” many young ladies find themselves raised by absentee grandmothers and mothers.   The calling of women to teach the younger in the ways of biblical femininity is a more elusive task (1 Timothy 5:14) today, as the majority of women rebel against the idea of biblical womanhood, to some degree, thanks to the acceptance of radical feminism.  Women in the church are busy with their own pursuits, running groups for their own edification and teaching the new feminist inspired gospel. By example and societal norms, young ladies quickly learn to value tangible and worldly achievements over Godly pursuits, dreams, and adoration of things feminine.  “Weakness” in femininity is discouraged, and as fewer and fewer ladies of “advanced age” are present to instruct the younger ladies and girls about the need for modesty, femininity, biblical submission, and pursuing God’s highest calling for women, fewer and fewer are seeing “the point” of doing anything remarkable outside of the prescribed college and career.

Older people who have much wisdom and experience to impart on our godless nation are seen as being annoying and intrusive; their questions pointed and out of touch. Their critical reviews of the permissive parenting today are scoffed at as “archaic.” Their scathing remarks regarding training children to obey authority in favor of pill prescribing must mean they simply “don’t get” all the issues of children today.

The enlightened modern parents disregard the very same teaching of former generations that raised brilliant and responsible architects of a uniquely free and godly society, in order to teach their children how to be a child deeply immersed in sin while re-labeling it as exploration of ones own happiness.  The smart younger ones teach how to function well in today’s world by “getting what you are due”, living for the temporal, and by not getting dragged down by the idea of sin and consequence; and those old people keep wanting the world to “regress.” The old people don’t “get” that we don’t live in those times, so they are dismissed.

With this general disregard for the advice and teaching and experience of the older among us, our society is completely wracked with a total lack of desire to understand the older in our midst. No longer do the elderly in America live with, or even spend much time with the family. They are seen as another burden when families are simply too busy with their own lives to care.  This has bred the idea that the elderly have contributed all they are worth already, and are thereby dispensable.


People have no time to assist the elderly in America in their positions of remaining alone and unburdening in their old age.  They often live alone or in assisted facilities; rarely visited or taken about for their needs.  After all, they are just old people.  They are slow and annoying and they tell stories too much.  Stories of times in history that we don’t wish to face as the truth.

Their comments are intrusive.  Nearly every comment I’ve ever read about pregnancy includes some derogatory remark about some “old person” touching or commenting about pregnancy.  Apparently, the young woman cannot fathom that perhaps the “old person” is reaching out, looking for a connection in order in which to matter, to befriend, to be “relevant.”  Perhaps the beauty of new life matters a lot to a person edging toward the end of their own.  Perhaps they are easily blessed by the beauty of God’s creation, when the world at large is not.

Our nation is not raising our children to respect authority, much less have any use for the older people in their lives.  We are raising another generation of children who believe they know it all.  The only difference is, this is the first generation of parents completely unwilling to address this in their children.  Parents who are more concerned with never offending their child’s happiness, are unwilling to instruct their children that they do not have it all figured out, and demand they will have guidance, authority and respect for them and for other people older and wiser than them.

Children do not know history, and therefore do not understand the importance of studying the legacy that was before them; the martyrs; the great men and women before them, who not only followed the Lord, but gave it all for Him.  Even those in our last generation and today that choose a life for the Lord, are in many ways isolated.  They have much more to give than anyone of high worldly achievement!  Some today are more concerned with book clubs, favoring sultry books written by mystics, than a good hard study on the actual Word of God. Even many Christian young people want to find “their own path to God,” instead of seeking out their elders, who will point them to the narrow path.

In our day and age of the dismissal of the elderly in America, may we all be concerned with their well-being.  May we all have the opportunity to serve someone aged, who spent their own lives serving others.  May we open our hearts to the lessons they have to teach us.  May we not dismiss and disregard them, and may we truly understand that their time on this planet is seen as high-rent district by the Marxists in power who wish to limit their airspace.  May we not be naive to cultures before us who found the innocent and helpless among them not worth life at all.  The sick, the less-than-perfect, the pre-born and the elderly are all either currently being slaughtered by a Marxist ideology put into practice, or at risk for it very shortly.

May we all strive to raise children that find the time to listen to those Godly people older than them who have much to teach.  May our children grow from being taught by the Godly people in their paths, to teaching the younger as commanded.  May we not dismiss that importance of history today is greater than ever before for securing our nation’s future:  both the history found in books, and the history written in the hearts and souls of the elderly we so easily discard.

Do not cast me off in the time of old age; Do not forsake me when my strength fails. Psalm 71:9

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