Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Dykes Flood Texas Libertarian Party – Christian First Amendment Rights Are Sacrificed

A few days ago it was widely reported Texas Judge Carl Ginsberg presided over two “marriage” ceremonies uniting two surgically altered homosexual men, now transgendered women, anatomically speaking, to their non-surgically altered lesbian partners. This event has revealed a growing chasm in the Texas Libertarian Party, and it appears freedom of speech will now be regulated by militant homosexuals, hi-jacking the liberty movement in the Lone Star State.

You are probably asking yourself, “How in the heck females—kind of sort of—could legally “marry” female partners in Texas, given the Texas Constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman?” Well, under Texas law, the grooms (or brides if you prefer) are still considered males by birth, so they were permitted to lawfully “marry” their female partners in the State of Texas.

For many LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, and Queer) like Brandon De Hoyos (Sodomite Libertarian Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor), T.E. Finnegan ( Houston area homosexual rights advocate and devoted Gary Johnson campaign staffer) and the rabid homosexual rights group “Outright Libertarians,” these bizarre unions demand celebration as Texas’ first same sex “marriages.”

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For Doc Greene Sr. a straight, white, Christian, husband, father, grandfather and Vice Chair of the Harris County Libertarian Party, these manufactured unions were reason to examine the dark realities associated with living a homosexual lifestyle.

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Fueled in part by his admiration for the First Amendment and his Christian faith, Doc Greene Sr., host of the Internet radio program Raging Elephant, posted a comment about these Texas nuptials which included the following statement:

I would be happier if it wasn’t so destructive to families. No one ever said, “I hope my children will be homosexuals when they grow up.” Then add in the fact that 85% of all homosexuals die by the age of 65. That is not very gay. #1 cause of death is suicide. Of course, a musician friend of mine died of complications from aids. A huge loss to the world as he was a major talent. Homosexuality is all about personal pleasure. It has no redeeming benefits. It destroys everything it touches. Certainly nothing to be proud about.

It seems Mr. Greene’s comments somehow violated Section 1.3 of the Libertarian Party platform adopted in 2012. Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor Brandon De Hoyos was inflamed.

Within hours, a petition (allegedly spearheaded by De Hoyos) was launched, circulated in Houston Libertarian circles and social media. The petition called for Doc Greene’s removal from Libertarian leadership for his “bigoted and offensive” commentary. Doc Greene was shocked by this reaction.

Although he had his suspicions, Greene did not realize that his Libertarian Party had changed so drastically. He definitely did not expect to be vilified by his liberty loving party loyalists, summoned to the throne of embattled Texas Libertarian Party Chieftess and Gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass and given an invitation to resign as party leader. Apparently Kathie Glass considers the LGBTQ vote more valuable to her than the loyalty and first amendment rights of the man elected to Harris County Libertarian Party leadership.

When I spoke with Doc Greene about the accusations and the petition, he was open about his looming break with the new Libertarian Party. He confirmed that homosexual advocacy infiltration in the Libertarian Party is very real, and its power is growing in the Texas. He confessed, “I may not remain in the party much longer.”

I asked if he thought that the Libertarian Party is being purposefully hi-jacked by out of state LGBTQ influences.

As evidence, I offered the Officers of the “Outright Libertarians” one of the groups broadcasting cries for Greene’s political crucifixion. It bears mentioning that the Officers of “Outright Libertarians” are from Hollywood CA, Nashville, TN, New York, NY and Phoenix, AZ, not Texas. Here is “Outright Libertarians” motto:

“Outright Libertarians is an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other self-identified “queer” (LGBTQ) Libertarian Party activists and supporters. We welcome anyone who believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility, and who wishes to actively promote Libertarianism to all those who love differently.”

To all who love differently? Well….you cannot get any different than surgically altering your gender from male to female for the different love of a lesbian woman. [Scratching my head vigorously and thinking this all smacks of grave mental illness.]

Think 1973.

Disgusted Greene said, “You can’t have a logical argument with these people. Among them, Christians are treated like second class citizens. Funny thing is I always knew we had homosexuals in the party, it did not bother me. Actually they represent about 10% of the Libertarian Party.”

Ten percent? Imagine that. Three percent of the American population is LGBTQ, but ten percent of the Libertarian Party (at least here in Texas) are militant homosexual advocates? Surely this is not accidental or coincidence.

My interview with Doc Greene Sr. covered many Libertarian camp issues, including a growing alliance to form the New LGBTQ Texas Libertarian Party. This Austin Texas birthed arrangement includes LGBTQ support for “Open Borders” in exchange for political donations and support to secure same sex “marriage” rights in conservative Texas.

Clearly, the Libertarian Party ain’t the Party of Ron Paul anymore. Sounds like it may be covertly transforming into the party of the deceased Harvey Milk. Well, there is always the growing Libertarian anti-Semitism to fall back on. Or should I dare say Satanism?

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