Senior Editor Of Veterans Today Defends Communist Agent And Calls All NRA Members The Enemy

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran and a combat infantryman. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, surveillance technologies, intelligence analysis,defense technologies or acting as a UN diplomat and “special consultant.” He is also Senior Editor at Veterans Today. However, it has come to light that Mr. Duff also claims that George Soros is “not a bad person” and that all National Rifle Association members are the enemy.

gordonduff1Hear Gordon Duff spew his disinformation saying George Soros who has been identified as a front man for the Rothschild banking group and who is a Communist agent, is not a bad person and how all NRA members are the enemy, along with the Michigan Militia.

Click the links below to hear Mr. Duff in his own words.

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Hear Gordon Duff say George Soros is not a bad person

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Hear Gordon Duff claim that all NRA members are the enemy on 12-26-2012

Hear Gordon Duff attack the Michigan Militia on 12-26-2012

Gordon Duff works for the Federal government and the United Nations.

Duff currently serves on the boards of the Adamus Group, one of the world’s largest energy technology firms and of a private financial institution participating in the Federal Reserve Banking group.

The Adamus Group he is part of is working with HOMELAND SECURITY to build up the police state. Gordon Duff is helping to increase surveillance of American Citizens. See the video on this click here.

His most recent project adapts advanced military technologies to wildlife and land management in cooperation with the UN, USAID and International Wildlife Federation.

Freedom Outpost demands an answer from Alex Jones of Infowars as to why he and his site has used content from Mike Harris of Veterans Today, such as the false claim the JT Ready was not a Neo-Nazi.

Veterans Today is on record for supporting confirmed Nazis, and Infowars has participated in this disinformation as well and has given a voice to Veterans Today. Also, PressTV is in full support of the disinfo campaign of Gordon Duff as well.

The website is nothing but vile Nazi-style propaganda.

It is also so disgusting to hear that so many people are being fooled by someone like Gordon Duff. This is the same manner in which National Socialism was being accepted by the German people, except in this case to fool the American people you need to pretend that you are against putting Americans in “indefinite detention” and “supporting” the Constitution. Meanwhile, you allow apologists for the dead Nazi government to write how “innocent” the Nazis were on your own website which is what Gordon Duff does by hiring Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel, the wife of holocaust denier and Nazi apologist Ernest Zundel.

The following list of names are people who are featured columnists on of Veterans Today which has promoted anti-American and Nazi style propaganda agenda. Veterans Today is a front group for the Globalists!


alan hart1What does Alan Hart, a writer for Veterans Today, have to say about this article?

Below are emails from Gordon Duff and Alan Hart about our exposing Veterans Today as a Nazi Propaganda site.

[email protected] (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Mon, Feb 04, 2013 1:17 pm
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Our Zionist friends are getting desperate.
This is a totally certified pack of Zionist assets, as you have already guessed.
I do so love how they manage to contradict their own claimed views so many times.
Too bad they don’t have more audience, as being hated by total assholes is generally the best publicity in the world.

In a message dated 2/4/2013 2:42:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
Jfyi. As you probably know there is a campaign underway to get me and others to disassociate from Veterans Today. I won’t (and would not even if you were a Zionist asset as some allege. All that matters to me is that VT publishes my articles. I am content to believe that it has many, many more readers than the few rabidly anti-Semitic arseholes who comment and who may well be, some of them, Zionist assets).
From: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 7:31 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: Kevin Barrett ; Stephen Lendman
Subject: Re: Gordon duff
Are you a front for Zionism? One of its specialities is smearing its enemies with guilt by association. I don’t give a damn about what Duff may or may not be. I expect to be judged only by what I write and say for myself. Your efforts to smear me as an anti-American, Nazi-style propagandist will be laughed at by very many of my readers everywhere; and they, your efforts, indicate to me that you are either certifiably mad or a Zionist asset.
Alan Hart

The following listed sites which are linkable are listed as partner sites for Veterans Today which is in support of Nazi agendas, anti-semitism, anti-NRA and which is also pro George Soros.

Partner Sites: VT Radio | Veterans News Now | Hire Veterans | Military Veteran Job News | VA Home Loan News | VA Home Loans | VT Forum Veterans Business Directory | Job Fairs | Legal Help | Veterans Law Group | USS Liberty Vets. Assoc. | Money News Now | Rense | World News Tomorrow | Deliberation | Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | Los Angeles DUI Attorney | Michigan Veterans Benefits Aid & Attendance Lawyer | Army Loans

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