Send in the Clowns as Long as They Don’t Wear Obama Masks

There has been a good deal of attention surrounding the rodeo clown who – according to some – had the audacity to do something as “racist” as don an Obama mask and have a bull chase him. For that, the DOJ, the FBI, and the Secret Service obviously needs to investigate because it represents a threat on the life of Mr. Obama, as the head of one NAACP chapter insisted. Yet, when it happened in 1994 with a George H. W. Bush mask, no problem.

When people mocked George W. Bush, there was no outrage. When Game of Thrones showed George Bush’s head on a pike, there were some complaints, but nothing a quick apology couldn’t fix. Remember, there have been images of Bush decapitated and brutalized in other ways and I don’t recall anyone calling for investigations. But one rodeo clown dons an Obama mask and the left goes wacko. Why is that? It is because the left can dish it out, but obviously cannot take it. The overuse of Saul Alinsky’s rule #5 from his book “Rules for Radicals” has become the main rule used by the left to eviscerate and excoriate anyone who stands opposed to their position. Rule #5, for those who don’t know, is simply ridiculing opponents. Alinsky says there is no defense and to a point, he is correct. If someone is ridiculing you, you have two options: 1) ignore them and continue providing tangible facts that overthrow their position, or 2) ridicule them back. Those are really the only two options because a person who is going to stoop to ridiculing someone else for their position is not interested in listening or considering facts. We saw this very clearly during the VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Four presidentsBut the more disconcerting and problematic issue at hand here is that as far as the left is concerned, they do not want to allow anything that smacks of ridicule where their god – Obama – is concerned. I went back and forth with one person yesterday on Twitter about this. He kept saying it was a First Amendment issue, when in reality, it’s an issue of hypocrisy. The left can denigrate, vilify, castigate, and ridicule those on the right as much as they want to do so, but when someone pokes a bit of fun at someone on the left, well, that’s just simply not allowed.

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Originally, when this situation came to the fore, we learned that the clown was banned for life at rodeo events in Missouri. While the White House had no specific comment from Obama, “White House spokesman Josh Earnest says he had no reaction from Obama. But he says that personally, as a native of Missouri, ‘It was certainly not one of the finer moments in our state’.” People need to lighten up.

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But there may be something else at work here. Radio personality Dana Loesch wrote an article on how Missouri treats people who offer dissent. In the article, she noted, “During the 2008 elections St. Louis prosecutors and sheriffs formed the ‘Obama Truth Squad’.” Loesch continued by stating, “People with the power to take legal action against, or arrest, anyone who may criticize then-candidate Barack Obama were ‘reminding’ voters to not criticize the candidate for fear of retribution.” She provides a number of documented situations in which Tea Party members or just plain old conservatives were attacked and vilified simply because of their position on the issues and their stance against Obama.

This is the most troubling aspect of the situation with the rodeo clown. Cultural Marxism is being used to shut people down. Questions to ask include whether the clown did anything illegal? Did he say anything illegal? Has this act been done before using masks of other presidents? If so, what was the response then?

There is a huge amount of hypocrisy that exists from the left over situations like this. We are being told that we should not criticize Obama. We should keep silent. If we do criticize him, we may be opening ourselves up to an “investigation.” Is that due to the fact that there are so many threats against this man and they have to take everything seriously or is it because they’ve been able to accomplish so much more with a person of color than with any other president before him?

One guy in Huntington Beach (see video below) believes that Congressman Rohrabacher and anyone who opposes the government should be arrested for treason for opposing the government. This is absurd. People have the right to speak freely even if that means disagreeing with elected leaders. Many on the left have done it with Republican presidents and turn around is certainly fair play.

If you consider history, whenever a tyrant or dictator has come to power, one of the first things he does is to curb free speech. He wants to shut down dissent. Even if a law is not passed saying so much, it quickly becomes apparent that this is what the dictator wants. People go along with it because they do not want to risk putting themselves in the path of potential danger.

The clown controversy simply points to a much larger issue and the issue has to do with control. Obama wants to control what we say and how we act. To that end, NSA is in place to monitor our “thoughts” via Twitter and elsewhere. Since Obama became president, he has been assailing rights of Americans from the 1st Amendment, to the 2nd and the 4th. I’m sure when push comes to shove, he sees himself as a dictator and dictators do not like dissent. He and his Obamabots are going to see that people voluntarily give up the right to say what we want to say…or else.

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