Senators Caving To Obama’s EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy As Coal War Drums Beat

Right now our nation is almost falling apart and it seems that no one has any backbone to stand up not just against Barack Obama, but all those that he places into office! From what has happened in recent times, with the many scandals and little action being taken on them, it now seems that maybe the people in Congress should just stay home. Perhaps they should not collect a penny, because none of them seem to care or even think of what will happen next week much less 20 years from now because of their inaction. Senator David Vitter (R-LA), a recent power to be dealt with, now seems to be caving to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) nominee Gina McCarthy because she answered questions right! Come on now, once she gets into her office, she will do just as Obama tells her to do! Yes, both sides are now almost a total waste for being in Washington, D.C. unless they have the big names with them; the common people do not really matter.

Let us take an early example of this with Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) when she voted not to make English the national language. Now let us jump forward to today and check out Senator David Vitter and what he is about to do. Senator David Vitter, along with others, are now thinking of allowing Obama to have his EPA head so he can continue to stop coal, oil, and natural gas!

Just today we learn that Senator David Vitter whom once had stated that he would filibuster her nomination, is now thinking of confirmation her.

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We have to wonder just what is Senator David Vitter giving up to do this?

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We asked his office and we got no comment, leaving us to wonder why the change of heart and why the support of someone who will be used to destroy the coal industry, put people out of work and help to cause energy prices to skyrocket. What did they get in return for their not stopping the nomination because we do know that most of the time something is given up or given away when a vote switches? We just have to wonder anyway just what good is Congress since Obama seems to be able to not just ignore the Constitution, but do as he pleases, much like a Dictator rather than a President.

It seems that our Constitution has been nearly ripped to shreds in today’s world. If an individual can go out to people in California and ask them to sign a petition to eliminate the Bill of Rights from the US Constitution and he gets people to sign just because he said Obama wants them to, our nation is close to failure! Our men and women in Congress have dealt out so many favors that they cannot do one thing for the good people anymore! We tend to think that maybe it is time for a brand new party to step up and take the Democrats, which are now more like a Socialist Party, and the Republican Party and tell them both to get out of office if they do not wish to just abide by the Constitution, but also to use it as a guide to do better!

It is our belief that both sides of both parties are to blame for all the mess our nation is now in. Those now in office seem to take their Oath of Office and walk away ignoring what it really means. Many of them have voted against the will of the people of their states. Senator Mary Landrieu is a glaring example of this when she had taken $300 million for her vote on the Obamacare law! Some will say she took the money to help Louisiana, but that would not be right since she was called down for what she did. Her vote for the “Affordable Care Act,” which now seems to be an out of control train wreck, was a slap in the face to her constituents since over 70 percent of the people of Louisiana did not want her to vote for that bill! 

It does seem to be that both sides of the aisle are wrong today and they do not seem to care about the people. The Senate should not allow a single Obama appointee to be placed into office until Obama backs off his coal ban and we know he is going to try to ban oil next along with natural gas, due to a “climate change,” which according to some very reputable scientists, is not happening! In relation to that, the Earth has not gained a degree over “0” in the last 15 years! They have shown that the Earth has only climbed to a huge .11 degrees Fahrenheit! Just when you thought it was getting so hot, it is not even getting above Freezing!! This is another huge blunder by Obama and yet, no one from Congress will call him down on this! This is a disgrace to our nation when Congress, having a duty to stop Obama, is just sitting back and allowing him to continue to do what he wants! Just when are we as a nation going to wake up?

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