Sen. Rand Paul: America Owes “Debt of Gratitude To My Father, The Champion Of Liberty”

I have heard from readers and commenters and those in my private life that believe that Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be one that is easily forgotten and that he made no real difference during his twelve terms in the House of Representatives. But many of us, including his own son Senator Rand Paul believe that he will have a long lasting impact upon the thinking of people for years to come.

I am convinced that many will look back in history and there will be a plethora of quotes attributed to Ron Paul, especially those that have come out in this past election cycle.

Just this week, Dr. Paul gave his “farewell address” to Congress. He isn’t leaving public life, nor is he closing down to retire and do nothing. He’s just leaving Congress. As I interviewed him, he was quite clear that he will continue to speak where people will listen and teach those willing to learn the message of liberty.

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Senator Paul wrote of his father in an op-ed piece in the Washington Times on Thursday:

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Some argue that Ron Paul was never relevant, that he was simply a gadfly who never accomplished anything legislatively. Others, myself included, argue that maybe, just maybe, the Ron Paul Revolution is the last best hope for saving the GOP from oblivion.

As I walk through airports, ride in taxis and meet people in large cities — people of color, working-class people, people with tattoos, people in overalls, people with piercings and even, at times, people in suits — I am amazed at the diversity of folks who come up and say how much they admire Ron Paul.

At rallies around the country, from the liberal bastion of Berkeley, Calif., where 8,000 students came to an event, to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, kids from all over the political spectrum came to listen to Ron Paul.

The naysayers will point out: “He didn’t even win a primary.” This is true, but when polled directly against President Obama, Ron Paul ran neck-and-neck with an interesting demographic. In the heat of the campaign, a Feb. 28 Rasmussen poll showed him leading Mr. Obama, winning the independent vote, taking a significant part of the Democratic vote and losing a significant part of the Republican vote. He truly attracted voters across the political divide from both parties and from independents.

It’s true. For nearly 30 years in the public eye, Paul maintained a consistency and principled voting record that even those that oppose him must acknowledge. Frankly, I wish more Congressmen, Senators and Presidents would be so honorable and take their oath of office as serious. I wish they took the Constitution that serious.

As I’ve stated on occasion, many who are in office as “public servants” are only there seeking how they can become “public tyrants” and how they can keep their political power. Paul was not about that. In fact, his son goes on in the article to speak about the first time his father left Congress:

In 1984, my father wrote a farewell address when he left Congress for the first time. He went back to delivering babies for 12 years. He didn’t think he would ever return to government. At that time, he wrote:

“Thousands of men and women have come and gone here in our country’s history, and except for the few, most go unnoticed and remain nameless in the pages of history, as I am sure I will be. The few who are remembered are those who were able to grab the reins of power and, for the most part, use that power to the detriment of the nation. We must remember that achieving power is never the goal sought by a truly free society. Dissipation of power is the objective of those who love liberty.”

Many issues in this election cycle would not have rose to the forefront if it had not been for Congressman Paul. Many Americans have been educated on the Federal Reserve solely because of Ron Paul. Many have understood parts of the Constitution better because of him, including the need for a Congressional declaration of war. They have learned the principles of sound money, the value of a gold standard and moral principles such as treating one another with respect and love, even when we disagree.

I echo Rand Paul’s closing comments when he says, For inspiring a new generation to love the ideas of liberty, we all owe a debt of gratitude to my father, the champion of liberty, Ron Paul.

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