It seems that Team Graham is not worried about Sen. Lindsey Graham's support crumbling by the minute. If Graham has millions to spend on his campaign why did he hire these field directors? Shouldn't they be focusing on getting out the vote?


Jacqueline Franz – Low Country Field Director & Taylor Mason – Midlands Field Director posted the video above on Instagram over the weekend.

Hey I don't blame them. I'd want to get a major buzz if I had to work for Liberal Lindsey too. But Team Graham should be worried. Not only does Graham have 5 challengers in the Republican primary, but now he has a serious Democrat running against him, state senator Brad Hutto. So much for those Democrat voters crossing over (SC has an open primary).

In contrast, check out the focused staff for state senator Lee Bright below. These folks look like they are in it to win it!


More pictures of Team Graham hard at work:




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