Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Calls Opposition to Obamacare Anarchists

Before the education system in America became the “indoctrination centers” of today, the founding of our country was taught wholeheartedly along with the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution with a health focus on the Bill of Rights. Students were taught how government worked, how bills were formulated and moved through the House and Senate. The purpose of executive orders was discussed along with the power of the veto and how Congress could override it. A look at the function of the Supreme Court always ensued since it is the third branch of government. States’ power of nullification was taught as outlined in the Constitution. One might refer to this class as “Civics.”

So, why a stroll down memory lane?

It is common news by now that the House has passed a bill that would fund the government but no provide any funds for the atrocious Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. While this sounds good, the bill must go through the Senate – a Democrat-controlled Senate. According to The Blaze, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has stated, “any attempt to strip Obamacare funding out of a continuing resolution bill is both ‘irresponsible and futile.'”

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Reid stated, “Republicans are simply postponing for a few days the inevitable choice they must face: pass a clean bill to fund the government, or force a shut down. I have said it before, but it seems to bear repeating: the Senate will not pass any bill that delays or defunds Obamacare.”

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Excuse me, but is this not the same Obamacare that Democrats wanted to revise before it ever was implemented because it had “problems?” Is this not the same Obamacare that is thousands of pages containing information that remains elusive to the public and most members of Congress since they didn’t read it before passing it? Isn’t this the same Obamacare that has been dubbed a “trainwreck” and the people have resoundingly said they don’t want? Yes, it most certainly is; but, Roughshod Reid is determined to continue jamming that piece of bull legislation down the throat of the people in violation of the Constitution.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has vowed that he will use “any procedural means necessary” to defund Obama’s landmark failure of a health care law including a possible filibuster.

Reid’s take on this is simple, and the following statement by Reid says it all.

“The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land for three years. Democrats stand ready to work with reasonable people who want to improve it, but Republican attempts to take an entire law hostage simply to appease Tea Party anarchists are outrageous, irresponsible and futile.”

Begging your pardon Mr. Reid, but there are a few things you should know. First of all, if we are talking about the law of the land, well sir, that is the Constitution. Now be a good little anarchist and go read it then tell the rest of us where healthcare is an enumerated power of the federal government. Next, please do not use words whose meaning you do not understand. I refer you to the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary for the meaning of the word “anarchist.” This is the dictionary used to define words in the Constitution to determine their correct meaning, not an interpretive one which is so popular in Congress these days.

As you can see Mr. Reid, “anarchist” means one who excites revolt, or promotes disorder in a state. Concerned citizens are exercising their God-given rights to protest the government for a redress of grievances by telling the government to get rid of Obamacare as it is unconstitutional and was never wanted by the people in the first place. One could hardly call a group who respects the Constitution as the law of the land, then requests the creature of the Constitution to resume its subservience to the people as anarchists. In fact, Mr. Reid, one could call all of you “anarchists” as you have promoted disorder in this country by forcing onto the people an unwanted, unneeded, unconstitutional law.

One cannot miss your pledging of Democrats to “work with reasonable people.” The question is “who is considered reasonable to you and other Democrats?” Don’t worry, you can respond in essay form, double spaced and annotated, if you so desire. I’m sure it’ll arrive when hell freezes over as you seem to think that Congress answers to no one. The answer the “anarchists,” as you so aptly call those in favor of the Constitution, would give is no one except other Democrats who think like you. It doesn’t take an exorbitant amount of time to answer that question as any fifth grader could figure it out.

It is not outrageous, irresponsible or futile to stop an unconstitutional law by not funding it or nullifying it. Yes, I said nullify; the states, which are sovereign, retain that power to nullify. Each and every one of the states can nullify this atrocity. As I said, go read the Constitution. The irresponsible and outrageous action is to force the landmark failure legislation named after the failure of a President onto an unwilling public. This is the signature mark of tyranny, despotism and dictatorship.

Your statement truly gives away the state of Obamacare, as you are willing to “work with reasonable people to improve it.” So, you are basically saying that in its current form, the law is not adequate and needs “improving.” Even though you can’t be trusted to look up the meaning of the word “improve,” you are going to have to work a little at this point. Since the law already needs improving, one can assume the only reason to continue shoving this down the throat of Americans is to show the citizens they are now subservient peons under the control of the “ruling” entity and party.

I will give you credit as to knowing the meaning of the word appease as you are most certainly an expert in “pacifying” the man in the oval office at the expense of the American citizen. Some would suggest you would have better luck feeding a crocodile. I suggest you try it and see if you get eaten last. That is as big a gamble as following a person blindfolded down a busy city street teaming with cars driven by blindfolded drivers.

There is one thing you can bank on, Mr. Reid. The American public will only be pushed so far, and then they will push back. So while you maintain the Borg standpoint in a nutshell that “resistance is futile;” remember, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise defeated the Borg.

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