So I've been very sick for the better part of a week. In fact, I haven't even watched the news, but the first thing I saw a couple of days ago was the Senate taking a vote to raise the minimum wage. All I could think was "are you morons for real?" People are having a tough enough time just to trying to find a job and these idiot democrats in the senate want to screw those poor people by trying to raise the minimum wage?

Of course, it didn't pass. What idiot would think it would? It was merely a piece of "bad theater" so that the democrats could say to their base of low information voters, "see how mean those republicans are?"

Democrats who are pushing for higher wages simply do not understand economics. Sure it sounds good, especially if your up for re-election, but such a move would cause more people to lose more jobs. However, democrats are counting on the ignorance of their voters to carry them across the finish line. Using any means possible to fire-up their voters, democrats have shown us that during the last six years there is no lie they are not willing to tell, no far-fetched narrative they are not willing to use in order to play on the most base form of human emotion possible to achieve their goals.

Since the mid-term elections will be here before we know it, what better way to stir the pot than with some good old fashioned class warfare?  Class warfare is a staple tactic of Team Obama since he became president, along with playing the race-card. Yep, when all else fails, and you don't have a leg to stand on, just point out how it isn't fair that your neighbor has a better car than you, or maybe his house is nicer than yours.

Look at what the Wisconsin Democrat wants to do by handing-out KKK hoods. These kind of stunts would insult a person of reasonable intelligence, but again, they're counting on the ignorance of their voters.