Selective Service Ads Constantly Airing in the US – What’s the Endgame?

For the past couple of years, certainly since the tragic incident of Obama’s reelection, there have been more than a few conspiracy theories floated to explain his lawless behavior.

He’s a Muslim and is purposely allowing the Brotherhood to infiltrate the government.

Another one is that he wants to purposely overwhelm and collapse the financial system to allow for full central control.

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Yet another: he will decree amnesty and citizenship for all illegals, giving Democrats a permanent majority.

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He will create such unrest, that the people will rise up in armed revolt, thus allowing him to invoke martial law and suspend the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, passed to prevent U.S. military personnel from acting as law enforcement agents on U.S. soil, for as long as he deems necessary.

Now some of these are implausible most unlikely, and just five or so years ago, I would have thought all to be impossible. But witnessing what this president and his people have already done, it seems the sky’s the limit on conspiracy theories.

It’s the last one I mentioned – the martial law theory – that just keeps coming up. I’ve written about it before, and yes it sounds absurd, but I just can’t seem to shake it.

I know what you’re thinking. This guy really does wear a tinfoil hat. I agree. I sound crazy – believe me – I don’t like it either, but hear me out.

Look at our southern border. It’s an orchestrated disaster. By orchestrated, I mean it’s been proven that Obama wished, caused and knew ahead of time about the flood of illegals.

By now, everyone has heard of the government’s advertising, last January, for contractors to help in caring for and transporting illegals.

The Obama administration orchestrated this whole border event a full six months before “the problem” arose. Now tell me that wouldn’t be considered tinfoil hat fiction just a few years ago.

Now here we are – fiction morphing into fact.

So naturally my radar went up, went out of the blue, a few months ago, I started hearing radio ads regarding “Selective Service.”

I thought, how odd. Why would the government be paying for the production and airing of ads to remind 18-year-olds to sign up for the draft? Yes, we all know they waste money on everything and anything, but why Selective Service?

Well, it’s several months later and the ads have not run their course. Selective Service ads still run every day, several times a day.

In fact, they are producing more of them, airing them more often and the ads are becoming “bigger budget,” with actors playing in skits explaining the benefit of  “you” signing up at age 18.

So what’s the purpose of these ads, and why are they running them continuously, for months, so far? Normally these “public service” themes run for a few weeks or a month and then they are on to the next “worthy cause.”

But not this one. This one the government is pushing hard. So – why? What are they expecting to happen? What are they planning to cause to happen and when?

Given their devious record so far, it at least appears that this administration is planning for something.

Without doubt, this is the first time I have ever heard a single “Selective Service” ad in my life, much less hundreds of them.

So – all you reasonable people – all you folks who think I’m a crazy person – knowing what we all know now about this administration – the IRS, the NSA, CIA, BLM, EPA, TSA, EIEIO. All the findings – all the scandalsthe targetingthe spying… tell me I’m completely nuts – that there is no way that Obama will try to goad the people into an armed uprising so he has an excuse to invoke martial law and quash it – just as he is trying to goad Congress into impeaching him.

Give me another reason for running these ads, and at this frequency – an innocuous reason – and I’ll gladly buy in.

No one in their right mind, me included (yes I know – that’s debatable), wants to think this way. At least I hope not.

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