Secretary of State Pompeo blasts Iran after magnetic mine attack on oil tanker

Iran, possibly taking a page out of North Korea's book, has begun a campaign of aggression against the world at large.

With economic sanctions weighing down the Persian nation, Iran has begun to lash out in the only way that they know how:  Violently.  Their geographically strategic location gives the rabble-rousers access to the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz - two of the world's most frequented shipping lanes and the lifeline that allows Middle Eastern oil to travel outward to the rest of our planet.

By disrupting these well-traveled waterways, Iran believes that they can bring the international community back to the negotiating table.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to that notion today.

Pompeo, in a brief press appearance, implored Iran to discontinue their targeting of innocent civilians and called on the international community to stand together in condemning these acts of economic terrorism.

This latest attack mimics similarly explosive incidents that occurred just weeks ago, as underwater drones delivered torpedos to the sides of 4 Saudi Arabian oil tankers.  This attack was also linked to Iranian forces.

The United States has just recently designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization.


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