SC Sheriff Attempts To Educate Media Liberal On Having A Conscience

Obviously liberals have a hard time comprehending reality. CNN’s Carol Costello is an excellent example of such a person. However, she got her clock cleaned by Charleston, South Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon who exposed not only her hypocrisy with regards to her understanding that Barack Obama can basically interpret the Constitution how he wants to, but elected officials like Cannon cannot determine what are unlawful or unconstitutional laws. In Costello’s opinion, and many in the liberal media, Barack Obama is above the law.

Costello attempted to shame Sheriff Cannon and put forth that he thought he was above the law, but Cannon would have none of it and put her in her place, exposing her own hypocrisy.

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When asked about what he thought about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill, the sheriff responded with “Scary.” He went on to elaborate that her stated goal over the long term would be the elimination of certain types of weapons. We’ve documented that her bill applies to all kinds of firearms, not just AR-15’s, but all types of semi-automatic rifles and some bolt action rifles, semi-automatic handguns and shotguns.

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Cannon went on to state that he believes “the provision in the Second Amendment is the final failsafe, if you will… an armed society, if you read the Federalist Papers and study the Constitution you’ll see exactly why that is so important and I believe that there is a goal to ultimately take as many firearms as possible.”

“The differences between the firearms, are more often than not, cosmetic, as to what is an ‘assault weapon,'” he continued.

While Costello pointed out that Feinstein’s bill would leave some guns legal, not just list those that would be illegal, she completely misses the point that is being made and that is that this is a step in a long term goal to disarm Americans and that it is undermining the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Cannon said that he considers himself somewhat of an expert on guns and gun violence and has dealt with the subject all his life.That is the reason he is engaging the issue the way he is he said.

“Another element I strongly disagree with, is the idea that somehow or another this is going to prevent the kind of violence that everybody’s concerned about,” he explained. “I think there’s some practical problems with things like the magazine capacity, but I will tell you that I think that much of this is taking advantage of our grief and people’s general lack of information about firearms.”

Then in the bleeding heart liberal voice, Costello chimed interjected, “But here’s the thing… law enforcement, you Sir, are responsible for enforcing laws, not determining whether the laws are Constitutional.”

Cannon corrected her, “That’s not exactly right.” He pointed out that he was also an attorney, in addition, to being a sheriff. “I would be meeting with the (State) Attorney General to get guidance on that. So it’s not as if I’m making the decision on my own and I think that’s an important responsibility we have.”

“We take much of this for granted,” he added. “But in the final analysis, police officers, considered lay persons under the law, make decisions everyday on Constitutional issues, as to whether or not probably cause exists to arrest somebody.”

When pressed about meeting with the Attorney General and such a weapons ban being determined as Constitutional, the Sheriff said he would follow the law. Obviously, the problem will be on determining what is and is not Constitutional as the Second Amendment is abundantly clear. He also said he would put his own study of the Constitution in with what the Attorney General would say.

Costello, obviously confused by a moral compass of determining right and wrong, continues to not understand doing what is right in the face of unlawful orders. If you are confused at this point, I’ll give you a one word hint to think about with regards to what Sheriff Cannon is trying to communicate: Nuremberg.

Sheriff Cannon explained, “As a law enforcement officer, we have an obligation,… to enforce lawful laws… Constitutional laws. It’s very similar to the responsibility that a military member has to, on one hand, obey orders, but he’s also obligated not to follow unlawful orders and it’s left up to that individual to make that decision.”

He rightly points out that when someone says, “I was only following orders or I was only enforcing the law” does not protect them from the consequences of acting unlawfully.

While Costello talked about “most of the generals” not agreeing with Cannon because they want those under them to follow orders, Cannon points out that is true, but that doesn’t make their orders lawful. Sheriff Cannon, in addition to being an attorney, also has a military background and says this is common in the military that they are told they must obey lawful orders, but not unlawful ones.

While Costello says that she “would hope” that generals would not issue unlawful orders, Cannon corrects her naivete saying, “There have been a number of allegations of sexual misconduct here recently and some of those involved, taking advantage of rank, and giving orders…. that occurs.”

When Costello brought up the story of a soldier kicked out of the military for not following orders, because he found those orders unconstitutional, Cannon said that there were ramifications for his actions. Obviously Costello thought she had him at this point, but the best was yet to come.

When the host mentioned a petition that was out that called for the sheriff’s resignation, Cannon responded by saying “I”m doing what I feel I am elected to do. I am elected with a very narrow range of responsibilities that have to do with public safety, law enforcement and I’m not a robot. I’m supposed to think about what I do.”

“I would point out to you,” he said. “You’ve been talking about the NFL (National Football League) making statements. I remember then Senator Clinton screaming that she was tired of people saying that it was unpatriotic to criticize the President. All I’ve done is stood up and expressed my view of this very crucial part of the Second Amendment that I see in an instance of taking advantage of people’s grief to pass things, that in the final analysis are not in the best interest of the country.”

Do we really want a bunch of mind-numbed statists running around following unconstitutional and unlawful orders? I sure don’t and I am thankful for another sheriff who is not afraid to point out that morality is a part of the issue and that conscience must be used to determine what laws and orders are lawful and which ones are not. As the Great Reformer, Martin Luther, rightly said,

“It is neither right nor safe to go against my conscience.”

Kudos to Sheriff Cannon!

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