A group of South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright's supporters were confronted by the police while conducting a sign wave at major intersection in S.C. A quick-thinking organizer was reminded of a similar situation reported on Benswann.com and used it to get police to back down and to not require the peaceful group to leave.

According to organizer, Dianna Belsom, "The police tried to make us leave because we didn't have a permit to be on a public sidewalk for two hours to wave signs for a candidate we are trying to elect."

Belsom said that she recalled seeing a video about an anti-Syrian strike protest where protesters were confronted by permit-requesting police. In the video, protesters had a simple answer for police. And that answer was echoed by Belsom:

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"I told him we have a First Amendment right to be on a public sidewalk."

Belsom said the police left and returned, and then required the group to remove a chair and other things the officer deemed as an obstruction.

"He then told me that as the 'organizer' if anyone got hurt I was liable, the Bright campaign would not want us out there (a lie) and that we were hurting our candidate by being there," she explained. "At any rate, we stayed till 5 p.m., which was the set time we had to end."

Belsom declared the event a victory.

*Author's note: Cops don't have anything better to do than harass peaceful citizens practicing free speech? Good for this group standing up for their rights. I'm pleased to hear that an article from BenSwann.com helped remind them of their God-given and Natural Rights. We need more examples like this reported. Sadly, the MSM will not. That's why independent journalism is on the rise! Have a similar story? Please share. Email me at [email protected].


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