It has now become popular to refuse to stand during the National Anthem. This was all started by San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He claimed that he would not stand while there were still people oppressed in our society.

I personally do not care who does or does not stand. I believe it is disrespectful: disrespectful to those who served our nation under the flag you refuse to stand under. However, I do not care if you do not love this nation. But, there are those who must stand. Not because I said so, but because their boss said so.

Breitbart reports:

Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, a reservist stationed at Pearl Harbor posted on her Facebook account that she will no longer stand for the national anthem because it makes her feel like a “hypocrite” knowing the lyrics “land of the free” “only applies to some Americans.”

“I feel like a hypocrite singing about the ‘land of the free’ when I know that only applies to some Americans,” she wrote. “I will gladly stand again, when ALL AMERICANS are afforded the same freedom.”

Now, this sailor is not clear what people she is speaking of that are not free. She may be waiting on pedophiles to be allowed to do what they wish to children. She may be speaking about the oppressed serial killers. But for whatever reason or whichever group, this sailor has taken a stand, and there was a cost.

Breitbart continues:

Ervin says she lost her security clearance and was threatened with jail by the Navy in response to her actions.

You see, boys and girls, when you sign on with the U.S. Military, you have a whole new book of rules that you must live by. You do not belong to yourself; you belong to Uncle Sam. And if he says stand, you will stand or sit in jail.

Here’s hoping she pushes it.

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