Sadistic Sharia Law: Egyptian Islamist Amputates Both Hands To Prevent Himself “From Stealing”

This is what sharia law looks like in action, inflicting injury on oneself in order to prevent something worse from happening. The Quran contains 37 verses that speak of horrific punishment for such crimes as disturbing the peace, rape, adultery, and robbery. Islamic punishment for rape is a joke. There truly is no punishment, because a man can get around it. Raping a non-Muslim is not considered rape. Islam is full of contradictions, deceit, and lies. Sharia law is obscene, brutal to the point of abject sadism. In Egypt, a man named Ali Afifi was interviewed for literally applying Sharia law on himself for stealing. He had a long history of stealing, starting at a young age with basic things like pens. He took matters into his own hands literally. He cut them off one at a time, on separate occasions.

3_495Infidels are almost always the recipients of sharia law punishments. They are brutally tortured, raped, and murdered for not converting to Islam. There is no limits to the evil that comes with fully implementing sharia law. The punishments for any assortment of “crimes” are so brutal, and so wicked, it is impossible to believe that a cult of followers could inflict such pain on others; not to mention each other. In Islam, the war is with the infidels, but it’s also an internal war.

Few, however, are aware exactly how Sharia can cause individual Muslims to do violence upon themselves.

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There are few stories about Islamists inflicting torture upon themselves as instructed via sharia law in the news. It is always horror inflicted on the “infidels,” the Christians and Jews, that makes headlines.

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Last week, December 5, Arabic news website Masrawy published a full report and interview with Ali Afifi, an Egyptian man who did just that—violently cut off both his hands to punish himself for, and prevent himself from, stealing, “according to Islamic Sharia.”

Ali Afifi actually cut off his own hands to keep himself from “stealing.” This is so horrifying to imagine that a young man would cut off his own hands. The manner in which he did it is even worse. It is chilling, worthy of a horror movie sub plot.

Four years ago, in Elgharbeya province, Egypt, 28-year-old Ali Afifi placed his left hand on the train tracks to be amputated by the wheels of a running train without using any anesthetics.

Upon reviving, he went to the townspeople to show the stump of his bloodied arm while yelling at the top of his lungs, “People, I was a thief, and praise Allah, he has forgiven me.”  He repeated this multiple times, while passersby looked shocked.

It is impossible to imagine putting ones hand upon a train tracks with the deliberate intent of having them cut off by the wheels of a running train. This is the tragedy of Islam: The impossibility of forgiveness without self mutilation and butchery. This is what Sharia law advocates. Once done, there is still the unbridged gulf of being set free from sin.

Normative Islamic law calls for the amputation of the hands of thieves, per Koran 5:38.

Ali began his career as a thief at a very young age; however, one day he decided to stop being a thief and to find honest work. Despite his best efforts, the harder he tried to quit stealing the more intense was the comeback. He was unable, as he put it, to overcome “the devil’s whisperings” in his ears.

According to Ali: “I started at a young age. In first grade I stole other students’ pens and sandwiches. When I grew up, I began to steal cell phones, gold, and money. I performed over one hundred robberies and was arrested multiple times, but I was a smart thief, always able to avoid making the charges stick.”

At one point, Ali asked sheikhs to amputate his hands, but they refused. They told him that only a ruler could make that determination. Ali was not satisfied with this response, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He went about cutting off both hands, one at a time.

Ali said angrily, “Most of these sheikhs traded with religion and refused to implement the Sharia [law] of Allah.”

Said Ali: “I saw that I did not deserve Allah’s mercy unless I amputated my other hand.  Shortly before January’s revolution [2011], I myself amputated my right hand using the same method I used for amputating my left hand [placing it under a speeding train]. I did this because I discovered that nothing was changing; I cannot repent unless I amputate my hand. Thus, I became the authority [sultan], judge, and executioner.”

Ali continued:  “I went to the railroad tracks with joy, placing my right hand under the wheels of the train, experiencing peace of mind knowing that I will not steal again. Despite feeling this peace of mind as a result of my repentance to Allah, my family and neighbors were in shock.”

To do this TWO times is unfathomable. To cut off both hands like this, in the same manner on two separate occasions is nothing short of insanity, but this is sharia law. Ali was merely doing what the Quran instructed him to do. He applied Sharia to himself.

Ali also prays that he becomes a role model for every repentant Muslim, and he wishes that authorities would implement Islamic Sharia as he applied it to himself. He added, with disappointment, “I applied the punishment of Islamic Sharia on myself and amputated my hands, but the Muslim Brotherhood did not implement Islamic Sharia.”

While many in the West will deem Ali “insane,” it is important to note that, according to Islamic Sharia—which those clerics he consulted with are learned in—insane thieves should not have their hands amputated, suggesting that those clerics who tried to dissuade him did not deem him insane, otherwise they would have used that line of reasoning with him.

This is very telling. The clerics did not find Ali insane. If they had they would have tried to convince him not to do this. True sharia law is the essence of nightmares beyond what Western civilization can fathom. The depravity of sharia, and then the hopelessness for those trapped in it’s merciless web is a true tragedy. Ali is the face of true Sharia law.

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