Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan criticized Barack Obama over his tax proposals and putting America on the wrong path. On ABC's This Week Ryan said, "I think President Obama has placed us on a path to decline. Four budgets, $4 trillion deficits. Twenty-three million people struggling to find work. The highest poverty rates in a generation. And we just learned on Friday that it's the 43rd month of unemployment above 8%. That's not a good direction. That's the wrong direction."

He said that Obama's plans would hurt the middle class and he's right. He said that a Romney/Ryan ticket would close loopholes used by high-income earners, but did not state how that would be accomplished.

"Nearly one out of six Americans in poverty, and we just learned on Friday that it’s the 43rd month of unemployment above 8 percent. For every person who got a job last month, nearly four stopped looking for work. That’s not a good direction. That’s the wrong direction. I mean, George, we have to create 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with population growth, and we didn’t even do that. It’s on the wrong path.”

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"Now the question is, not necessarily what loopholes go, but who gets them. High-income earners use most of the loopholes. That means they can shelter their income from taxation," Ryan continued. "But if you take those loopholes, those tax shelters away from high income earners ... that allows us to lower tax rates on everybody."

Of course, Obama sees things differently. In fact, in Kissimmee, Florida Obama rejected such claims that America is in decline. "Now, I don't know whether they're saying that just because they want to win some votes, or because they actually believe it. But either way, they're wrong."

Well they aren't wrong at all. They are exactly right. America is not headed in the positive direction, but to be fair she wasn't headed there before Obama took office. Obama's problem is he has implemented bad fiscal policies and wasteful spending that has pushed us faster in the wrong direction, not turned things around.

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