Most everyone knows that you must have air superiority if you are going to win a battle or a war.  But no one thinks that you must have this superiority over a partner.   This is exactly what the Russians showed last month.  They showed that they had the upper hand on the U.S. forces in Syria.

They did this not because of better or more numerous fighters and bombers.  They did it with a willingness to do what they deemed necessary to get there way.  Much like a bully, the Russians pushed the British and Americans, and our President flinched.

Fox reports:

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Russian warplanes reportedly bombed a secret military base in Syria used by elite American and British forces last month.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the Russian strike on the CIA-linked site was part of a campaign by Russia to pressure the White House to agree to closer cooperation in the Syrian skies, U.S. military and intelligence officials said.

Despite the fact that the Russians and the allies have very different goals, the Russians wanted closer cooperation.  The CIA and the Pentagon did not want this cooperation, so the Russians pushed a little.

In response, Obama decided to give the Russians basically what they wanted.  He caved, pure and simple.  At least this is the way those in the area saw this action.

Fox continued:

The U.S. and Russia agreed to a pact last week to target airstrikes against the Al Qaeda affiliate in the region – Nusra Front – despite objections from the Pentagon and CIA. Russia agreed to stop airstrikes on U.S.-backed rebels and restrain the Syrian air campaign. The two sides are still talking about designations where Russia would need U.S. approval to conduct an airstrike.

[O]fficials in the Pentagon and CIA contend that Washington bowed to Moscow in the deal and believe that the U.S. needs to confront Russia.

Once again, the most powerful man in the world bows before the bullies of the world.

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