Giuliani Blasts Obama Administration For Politically Correct Islamic Propaganda

While those in Washington cling to the coat tails of political correctness, there are some who are speaking out against the dreaded PC to Congress. Remember New York Mayer Rudy Giuliani? In testimony to the House Homeland Security Committee, former Mayor Giuliani complained the administration has become “too cautious about identifying potential Islamic terror threats” and that political correctness by the administration may have thwarted efforts to stop the Boston bombing attack.

According to the New York Daily News, Giuliani testified Wednesday before the House Committee in a hearing to examine intelligence breakdowns that may have allowed the bombers to perpetrate their attack on Boston.

“You can’t fight an enemy you don’t acknowledge,” Giuliani told the committee. “To confront this threat effectively, we have to purge ourselves of the practice of political correctness when it goes so far that it interferes with our rational and intellectually honest analysis of the identifying characteristics [that] help discover these killers in advance.”

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Regardless of his political affiliation or what the public’s view of him, Giuliani gets a thumbs up for calling it the way a lot of us see it.

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Naturally, Michael Leiter dismissed any claim that political correctness had in any way compromised the fight against terrorism indicating that idea “is simply beyond me.” Leiter is the former head of the US National Counterterrorism Center. Leiter indicated that fewer than 20 individuals have died in Islamic-inspired attacks in the US since 9/11 “so our record is far from perfect, but it is very good.”

The report continues:

Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) argued that based on its rhetoric, the Obama White House “seeks to return to a pre-9/11 approach to fighting terrorism on our soil.”

The Obama administration abandoned the term “war on terror” soon after Obama’s election, and during his reelection campaign Obama asserted that al-Qaeda was “on its heels.”

In February, however, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said that the US is at “war against al-Qaeda and its affiliates.”

In his testimony, Giuliani argued that, “We have by no means conquered well-organized Islamic terrorist groups. And whether we recognize that we are at war with them is almost completely irrelevant, because they are at war with us.”

He added, “The real question is: Are we going to recognize that they are at war with us, or are we going to fool ourselves into a very dangerous state of denial?”

Giuliani echoed claims by a member of the committee, Rep. Pete King (R-Long Island), that political correctness trickles down to investigators in cases involving religious extremists.

While attacking the use of political correctness, it seems old habits are hard to break. The cases involving “religion extremists” of late have been perpetrated by those practicing Islam.

Islam is Islam and Islam is extreme. There is no polite way or politically correct way to say it.

Giuliani pointed to the Fort Hood incident stating there were several red flags leading up to Maj. Nidal Hassan’s alleged killing of 13 people.

The New York Daily News reports Mayor Giuliani as saying:

“For example – and this is with the benefit of hindsight – there would have been a much greater chance of preventing Fort Hood, and possibly – this I emphasize is possibly – the Boston bombing, if the relevant bureaucracies had been less reluctant to identify the eventual killers as potential Islamic extremists terrorist,” Giuliani said.

“The elevation of political correctness over sound in investigative judgment certainly explains the failure to identify Maj. Hasan as a terrorist. That political correctness has been extended so far that the current administration describes his act as ‘workplace violence.’ This isn’t just preposterous. What we fail to realize is, this is dangerous.”

Giuliani claimed that the FBI’s failure to track Dzhohkar Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, might have been caused by being too cautious on civil liberties issues. It was a reference to Tamerlan’s return to his native Dagestan, an area congested with Islamic extremism, for six months last year.

Authorities charge that the two brothers carried out the Boston bombing in April. Tamerlan was killed while trying to evade authorities after the attack, leaving his brother to face the charges alone.

“The fear of incorrectly identifying Tsarnaev as a suspected Muslim extremist might have played a role in not taking all the steps that seemed prudent given his suspicious behavior,” Giuliani maintained. “He obviously wasn’t going back to listen to the Moscow symphony.”

Dzhohkar Tsarnaev has pled not guilty to the charges against him.

Even though Giuliani himself engaged in some politically correct language, he at least is willing to go on the record to call out the administration on their PC propaganda. In dealing with Congress, the absolute truth may have been too shocking for them to handle had Giuliani not engaged in some political correctness. It would have been icing on the cake if Giuliani had just called a club a club and ended the day. Regardless, it is doubtful Giuliani’s attempt would have made a dent in the thick heads of some no matter what route he chose to use.

The administration has changed all FBI, CIA, DHS and other training manuals removing anything related to Islam as being involved in terrorism while adding conservatives, Christians, and gun-rights advocates to the list. At, there is a story about a 33 year-old woman who was a US citizen, raised as a Christian but converted to Islam, being killed in Syria on “jihad.” The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) instructed the family not to speak with the FBI.

Giuliani is right about one thing, whether the government recognizes the US is at war with Islam is irrelevant, Islam has declared war on us. It’s up to “us” to protect ourselves if our government fails in its duty.

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