Rosa Koire: Agenda 21 Is Not ‘Right vs Left’, It’s A Liberty Issue

History lessons give us accounts of women who have stepped up in the past to support liberty. Thinking about Rosa Koire today, I was inspired to take a quick look around to see what I could find on some of the women who worked hard to bring forth American liberty. I came across a review of a book HERE. It is a well written review and looks like a great book. There have been some outstanding women in the defense of liberty.

Rosa Koire qualifies in this category. Yesterday she made a guest appearance on the Glenn Beck Show to speak out against Agenda 21. This is far from my first exposure to Rosa’s works. In my own quest to fight off Agenda 21 policies in my area of the country, I came across Rosa’s website some time ago. There is a YouTube video of a speech. she gave in 2011, too. (There are more than that one on YouTube, if you want to look her up.) As I recall it is over an hour, but very worth your time. Rosa lives in California and, because of that, she has been on the front lines of Agenda 21 attacks on liberty hitting her city and state over the past years. If I may make some suppositions, I think she arrived in this fight because of her career in real estate appraisals for eminent domain which led her to see the insidious infiltration of Smart Growth and Sustainable Development (other names for Agenda 21). I also expect that when she went looking for explanations, she did what I did and kept asking, “Where is this coming from?” Research led us both to the same answer. Agenda 21. Because of her knowledge on the subject and her determination to share that knowledge, her message has moved forward in other parts of the country now. She is doing speaking engagements and advising other freedom fighters on fighting back. My hat’s off to Rosa and her willingness to get out there and educate the public on this tentacled monster that is strangling our freedoms.

As Rosa explained on the Glenn Beck Show, this is not a “right vs left” issue. This is a liberty issue. She further explained she is a “Liberal Democrat,” but not a “Progressive.” She said she did not vote for Obama or McCain. She voted for the Libertarian candidate. I readily admit that I don’t agree with Rosa on some other issues. I don’t support government sanctioned gay marriage, nor am I “pro-choice”(the euphemism for government sanctioned and paid for abortions). I have to step aside my beliefs on those issues for this one over-reaching tyrannical monster that we are fighting. So I do. But, she is a great voice for Constitutional limits to government and keeping it that way. She also explained that much of Agenda 21 is coming at us through unelected boards, boards who have no accountability to the voters. This is part of the frustration. Without elected representatives who will stop the unelected from regulating us out of existence, we are “up a creek without a paddle,” to use the colloquial vernacular for it. In fact, when anti-American unelected drive the elected off a cliff with all of us in the vehicle, using our money to buy the fuel for the vehicle, we are literally doomed. And when the elected commit dereliction of duty, as well as treason, and vote for this tyranny, they should be arrested and or thrown out of the country. (I would go for that. Seriously.)

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This fight against Agenda 21 is not just about women, to say the least. Another great patriot on the front lines is Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute. Henry Lamb, who passed away recently, gave all he had to this fight. Randall O’Toole and Wendall Cox write lengthy and erudite dissertations on the insidious nature and damaging policies of Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, a k a Agenda 21.

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All of these people have realized the attack on the United States is coming from infiltration through our government agencies. In great part it is coming from the American Planning Association into the EPA, HUD, DOT, DOE, HHS, NEA, and more. But other organizations are involved, lots of lobbying organizations including the USGBC (US Green Building Council), AIA (American Institute of Architects). Agenda 21 is so invasive, it is doing exactly what it proposes to do…and that is control every aspect of life. The past week brought our household a survey put out by our local hospital including all of the Delphi technique questions of Agenda 21. Questions like: Do you think we should do more to protect our air quality? Our water quality? Do you think we should have more walking trails and bicycling paths? Do you think we should more access to housing for the poor? Or, how about more energy options for everyone? Mind you, this came from our local non-profit hospital. And so it goes. Even our hospital is complying with Agenda 21 command and control of every aspect of our lives. The reason given was they were forced to do this survey by the IRS in compliance with Obamacare. So realize Obamacare is just another avenue of Agenda 21. In fact Chapter 6 of Agenda 21 is on healthcare. They left no stone unturned.

I am appalled. That any red-blooded American could even begin to docilely bow down to this sort of tyranny is beyond my comprehension.

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