Many people have written Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul off. They have made claims that he wears a tin foil hat, is an isolationist, a racist, naive on foreign policy and all sorts of attacks and yet one thing is for sure: Ron Paul and his ideas are here to stay.

His supporters are hard core and unlikely to be won by the GOP party itself. In fact, on a Fox news panel on January 16 of this year those present made it clear that without Ron Paul supporters the GOP cannot win in November.

In 2008, Paul had good support from his base which on the whole do not consider themselves Republican. However, the numbers were very small in that presidential run. Compare that with what has been shown this year and his numbers have in many cases more than quadrupled!

This year he has seen support from four state senators in South Carolina. He even picked up some of Michele Bachmann's team as they left to join the Paul campaign.

The most interesting thing of all of this is the young vote. The youth of America just love the message he presents. It seems they understand where the nations debt is heading and they understand that they are getting the bill for it. They understand that bigger government means less freedom for them and for their future families. It is amazing to watch some of this younger generation gather around a 76 year old and treat him as a rock star.

Ron Paul hails from the great state of Texas and knows his history as well as the political arena, serving 12 terms in Congress. He says that he takes his oath of office very seriously and thus as a result of much of his voting record has earned the title "Dr. No".

He came out and said that in this race his campaign is focusing on delegates. One thing you have to understand is that just because a candidate won a state in the primary does not necessarily mean they got the delegates. In many states the delegates are not binding and have not yet been awarded to any candidates. However, those in the Paul campaign state that they are doing very well in the delegate tallies as they have secured their own people as delegates, thus once they are sent to vote, that vote will be for Paul.

Paul believes his message is bigger than he is. “The message of liberty appeals to everyone,” Paul says.

One supporter commented recently in Georgia, “You can’t remove the virus of liberty from the minds of the men who have heard it.”

Therefore, Paul has said he will be relevant and in the race through the Republican National Convention this summer in Tampa.

His supporters continue to promote him long after their state has voted in the primaries. Many believe that it is quite possible there will be a brokered convention this summer.

The numbers so far for delegates are as follows: Paul has won 18 delegates compared to Mitt Romney with 105, Rick Santorum with 71 and 29 for Newt Gingrich. Again, these are not set in stone as many of these delegates have not actually been awarded to any candidate. These are simply statistical guesses based on how well they did in each state. Even John Huntsman, who is no longer in the race, has 2 delegates.

Paul's legacy will be one that he is determined to sear into the minds of the American people: liberty, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and a foreign policy that seeks to treat others as we would want to be treated. In all of this he wants a truly limited government according to how he understands the Constitution to delegate that authority at the Federal level. He has also been the only candidate who has said he would abolish 5 Federal departments, including cut spending by $1 trillion in the first year.

Where will this eventually take him? No one can say at this point. But one thing is for sure: any of the GOP candidates would love to have the passionate supporters that Paul has and on top of that they will need those supporters come November. The question is, can they get them?

Arizona and Michigan are up tomorrow. As poll numbers have it now Romney is ahead by a 17 point spread in Arizona and it is virtually a dead heat between Romney and Santorum in Michigan though many believe that Santorum has the edge there. Both Gingrich and Paul are fighting it our for third in those states.

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