Ron Paul Passes On Revolution Mantle To Young Republicans

At a rally on Sunday, GOP presidential candidate & twelve term Texas Congressman Ron Paul addressed a rally of more than 17,000 people at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome. At that rally, it appears the Ron Paul gave his swan song to the energized crowd.

Paul did what he has always done and that is promote an idea. The idea that was promoted was liberty and support of the Constitution. He took time to educate the people there as well as many who watched the live stream via YouTube. He also encouraged young Republicans to stay in the party and continue to learn and have a voice in the political process. “We will become the tent eventually.” he thundered.

“It made the paper in Washington that the revolution wasn’t happening,” the Texas Republican said. “Don’t they only wish.”

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While Paul ended his campaigning, but not his campaign, back in June, his message continued to go on, drawing thousands at every event he was at.

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Paul did joke though that the RNC had given him a speaking slot and said he could address the convention, but it would be on Monday night when no one was to be there. I’m sure if he decided to speak, there would be a lot of people in attendance though.

According to Zero Hedge Paul was offered a speaking opportunity at the RNC. Tyler Durban wrote,

On the ‘new’ eve of the Republican Convention, it appears all is not well in the Romney-Ryan ranks. In what is quite a stunning admission, though not entirely surprising given his outspoken desire for a change to the status quo, the NY Times is reporting that Ron Paul does not fully endorse Romney for President. Mr. Paul, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined. “It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.” Whether this is Paul playing an admirable ‘long-game’ and/or standing by his libertarian roots (or angry at his apparent marginalization) is unclear but one thing is for sure; with the dominance of ‘young’ voters (seeking ‘change’?) behind Ron Paul relative to ‘old’ voters with Romney, this rebuff will not help in the fight against TOTUS. As BigStory reports, Paul is telling his supporters to stand firm because “we will become the tent eventually!

Paul did joke though that the RNC had given him a speaking slot and said he could address the convention, but it would be on Monday night when no one was to be there. I’m sure if he decided to speak, there would be a lot of people in attendance though.

There is no doubt that Ron Paul has no only had an affect on both young and old in the Republican party, but has also had a tremendous influence on Democrats and Independents as well. He continues to educate and teach others and get them to think for themselves. This was one of the traits his wife, Carol, pointed out Sunday during an introduction of the Paul family and receiving the “First Lady of Liberty” Award. She said that Ron simply would have people in his office for lunch to discuss things and get them to think about ideas. He has been doing that for decades and what will appear to be one of his last political speeches as a representative ended on the note of educating people as he took a stroll down the history of America and why we have gotten to the place we are at.

The AP reported,

Paul’s coalition is made up of anti-war Republicans, people who want stricter government adherence to the Constitution and those who want to dismantle the Federal Reserve, which sets American monetary policy.

His devoted following has caused strains in the convention lead-up. Late last week, Republican convention rule-makers advanced measures designed to blunt the Paul presence, including votes to dull the strength of his contingent in the Maine delegation and another to make it tougher for similar candidates to follow his path in the future.

Ashley Ryan, the young new Republican committeewoman from Maine, said procedural moves viewed as minimizing Paul’s supporters would backfire on the GOP.

“Our party will go from being a big tent with many ideas to a small group at the mercy of a few insiders,” Ryan said.

Paul carried on with the theme. “”Believe me, we will get in the tent because we will become the tent eventually,” he said, adding, “With the energy that we have. It seems to me they would be begging and pleading for us to come into the party.”

Dr. Paul’s ability to look back at history and see how things happened and how there were reactions to actions taken is wisdom. Many are listening to that wisdom and that is why we now have the Republican party actually entertaining the idea of a gold standard and auditing the Federal Reserve. For that America should be thankful.

There are many young Americans ready to take up the mantle and carry these ideas forward in the next few years. That does give us hope for the future of our country. May God bless their efforts as they seek to bring back truly limited government and fiscal conservatism.

Watch the speech from yesterday below:

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